Making a 5-Point Star

This tutorial originally posted to the YSFS Wiki here.

Re-posted September 26th, 2014


Alright, I'm sure that some of you guys know how to make nice 5 point stars, but until a little while ago it was a mystery to me until I played around in blender and slapped myself in the head for over thinking things.

Here are two examples for how these stars can be used:

Step 1: Insert a Circle. Press the spacebar to see the menu below.

Step 2: Make the number of vertices equal the number of points on the star.

Step 3: Rotate the Pentagon by -27 degrees around the z-axis (Note that this angle will differ when this technique is used with different numbers of points). Press n to get the menu.

Step 4: Cut between the vertices of the pentagon with the exact cut tool. Press K and then select:

Hold down control to snap the cutter to the nearest vertex and then select the two vertices for the cut and then select another point somewhere else.

Step 5: Delete the unnecessary edges. These are the original sides of the pentagon that was made from the 5 sided circle. Make sure you are using the edge selection mode and select the edges. Press x to delete them.