What is YSFlight?

YSFlight is a low-key flight simulator made by Soji Yamakawa, a.k.a. Captain YS. Originally released in 1998, YSFlight has been continuously updated through the years with several beta and a stable release each year. On his website, Mr. Yamakawa has a full development log.

The key features for YSFlight revolve around the following points:

  • Low computer requirements. Most computers still functional are powerful enough to run YSFlight!
  • Easy to get started. There's no need to read a 100 page manual to figure out how to start your aircraft!
  • Relaxed realism allows you to create or fly just about anything!
  • It's Free!

There are a wide variety of low-polygon stock aircraft, however there are thousands of other aircraft and addons to download and expand your flight experience.