Useful Blender Shortcuts

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Hunting through the many pages of the Learn To Use Blender tutorial series for a particular command can be annoying. Therefore I have collected most of the important keyboard commands into this page for easy access.

View Controls

If we are going to model something we need to know how to move around in the 3D window.

Mouse & keyboard Combination

Click & Hold middle mouse button and drag mouse

Hold Shift while clicking, and holding the middle mouse button while dragging mouse.


Rotates the model about the origin (center) of the model.

View pans to in the plane parallel to the screen, both up and down, and left and right.

There are also very important view controls tied only to the number pad.

Selecting Objects

To select an object we need to be in Object mode, and our mouse has to be over the 3D window.

View Modes

To enter into the view modes, you can use the dropdown menu, however for a faster workflow you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Working With A Mesh - The Different Modes

Important Keyboard Shortcuts