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I have learned how to use many tools for making YSFlight Addons and have made some tutorials for you.

Blender Tutorials

Blender is a 3D modeling program that we use for YSFlight addon creation thanks to community members making scripts that make it possible. Blender is powerful and has many great tools and features, but it can be a challenging program to learn. Most of my work is done in Blender. Once you get familiar with the program and how to use it for YSFlight, you will find that it is a one-stop-shop for making aircraft and ground object models for YSFlight.

Check out my Blender Tutorials Here

Scenery Editor Tutorials

We use Scenery Editor to make maps for YSFlight. The stable version is Windows only and version 20090426, but recent test builds are also available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Check out my Scenery Editor Tutorials Here

PolygonCrest Tutorials

PolygonCrest is a 3D Modeling program created by Soji.

Check out my PolygonCrest Tutorials Here