Welcome to the Decaff's YSFlight Website

My Boeing 727-200F in FedEx colors

I started flying YS Flight Simulator in early 2011 and discovered ysfhq.com in the fall of 2011. Ever since, I have been an active member of the YS Flight Community and this website is dedicated to tutorials, addon releases, and modding resources. Many components may be found elsewhere on the internet, but have been collected here to help organize them.

In addition to several text tutorials, there are also links to dozens of youtube videos I created to help addon modders to learn the skills they need to make quality models and maps. A list of these videos can be found on YSFHQ, but is organized by topic here.

If you are interested in learning to use Blender, that you check out this text tutorial series (Still a WIP) and/or this video series. They will take you through the basics of blender and through the process of painting aircraft and making decals.