Using PolygonCrest to Test Animations

This page is under construction!

DNMViewer is a tool that many addon developers for YSFlight have used over the years to test and build DNM files. DNMViewer is only available for Windows, but now with PolygonCrest, you can test animations and DNM files on Mac and Linux computers.

Download PolygonCrest

Download the latest version of PolygonCrest from Soji's website,

Opening PolygonCrest For The First Time

When you open PolygonCrest for the first time, you will want to make a couple of changes from the beginning.

  1. Coordinate System

  2. Background Colors

Navigate To the Config Menu

The Coordinate System and Background Colors are part of the config menu. Navigate to Option -> Config in the upper drop-down menus as shown below:

The Config menu is shown below.

Coordinate System

There are only two options in the top drop-down menu. This will control how models are viewed. Make sure you have "Left-Hand Cooreinate (Direct3D, YSFLIGHT)" selected. If you have the "Right-Hand Cooreinate (OpenGL)" selected, then when you import models you may see them reversed in strange ways. I noticed this when I imported a model where I was animating one wing in order to test things out before then mirroring the animations on the other wing. When I opened up the DNM in PolygonCrest with the default settings, I was initially confused because the wrong wing was animated!

Background Colors

I recommend having a non-white background color in PolygonCrest. While you can make the background all one color, I think it works better if you have a color gradient. This helps in the event your model's color happens to be the same as your background color. With a gradient there is significantly less likelihood that a background color will match the model color and cause an issue.

If you are familiar with the test versions of YSFlight Scenery Editor, then the color selection tools in the Config Menu will be familiar. However in PolygonCrest, you can skip the tedious RGB selection and just click on the color preview to the right of the RGB inputs. This will open up the Color Menu and allow you fine control over the color. In addition you can click in the color spectrum boxes and left-click on a color you want to use.

The three color selection tools in the Config Menu are for the top, middle and bottom of the background and are oriented left-to-right. You can see the impact in the screenshots below.