Bender Tutorials

For the most part, I have learned to use blender via trial & error and a few tutorials from the YSFlight and blender communities. I have created dozens of video tutorials discussing different aspects of using blender for YSFlight modding. The largest problem I have with both the text and video tutorials is that blender is a powerful and complicated program. Little details have a habit of becoming important and so it is necessary at times to go into a lot of detail. That takes time and a lot of planning. Typically these tutorials cover a single, very specific topic.The quality of these tutorials has gradually improved over time, so please be patient with the audio and video quality in the earlier videos.

I do not currently have many text tutorials as they take a long time to write and prepare, however there are several that I am currently working on, including one about animations (which is almost done!).

A general word of advice if you are looking to learn blender: Don't limit yourself to YSFlight related help. The majority of what you are trying to do in Blender is native to blender itself. Only a few things need a deeper understanding about how YSFlight works in order to obtain the best results.

Video Tutorials

Text Tutorials