Decaff's YSFlight Tools

YSFlight Pack File Reducer

This tool will help you reduce the size of your pack when you have many models with many common components. I used this to great effect with my F-35 Pack v2 where I reduced the uncompressed size from over 200mb to 81mb. You will need Python 3.x to use this tool. Please read the accompanying documentation as you will need to edit the code slightly for your specific files.


A Python tool to help modders collect raw flight data from a .yfs file and convert it to a readable .csv file with appropriate header information to facilitate DAT file optimization. You will need to install Python 3.4 to use this tool. Please read the accompanying documentation for help understanding the raw data values produced by YSFlight.

YSFlight Flight Data Recorder Tool

A Python tool to help modders perform quantitative flight test and data review of their aircraft. You will need to install Python 3.4 in order to use this tool.

YS Flight Log Version 2.2

Save your server flights and extract a log of your flights or a combat summary.  Check out Decaff's personal Flight Log from the Civilian Aviation Server for an example of what this can look like. Read the included instructions for how to download all the code you need to make this run!

VOR Finder v3.0

A Python tool (written in Python 3) that reads a YSFlight Scenery file (.fld) and detects VOR Ground Objects. It then generates an HTML file that provides compass headings and distances between each VOR. Outputs for common Civil Aviation server maps are available here.

Addon Linux Converter v1.4.6

A Python tool to rename YSFlight files and all links in .lst, .dat, and .dnm files to lower case for Linux operating systems. This lets Linux YSFlight users install addons that are not otherwise compatible with their filesystem.

YSFlight Map Reverter

This python tool processes a ysflight scenery file (*.fld) and removes all the elements that YSFlight introduced since 2009. This allows the map to be opened in the stable version of YSFlight Scenery Editor 2009 and also allows maps to be flown on any versions of ysflight between 2009 and 2018.