Scenery Editor Tutorials

YS Flight Scenery Editor is a constantly evolving program. One of the most popular releases is the 2009 version for windows as it is very stable and still has the majority of the features used in today's maps. As I use Mac OSX, I have primarily discussed using the 2012+ versions of Scenery Editor for Mac, Windows & Linux. Since the 2009 release, the User Interface has changed significantly but under the hood much remains the same. Commonality in terms of shortcuts and map element creation between versions of Scenery Editor is nearly identical. While some menus have been re-arranged, the bulk of what you learn in earlier versions of Scenery Editor is transferable.

One cautionary note: Scenery Editor is not backwards compatible. Files created in a newer version of the program will not open, or will appear corrupted in older versions. It is recommended by myself and the rest of the YS Flight community that you stick to one version if possible.

Video Tutorials can be found here

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