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This collection of videos contains many useful tips and tutorials that don't really fit into the other categories.

Fixing shading issues is one of the most important parts of creating addons. People always ask about how to fix them and I point them to this video. The trick with fixing shading issues is to eliminate sharp corners in the mesh. When flying in YSFlight you don't want to see shading issues. We can detect and eliminate them in Blender.

Making text decals can be difficult, but if we use fonts and fiddle with the vertex count, we can create some great quality decals for YSFlight!

Taking screenshots of your work in blender can get cluttered with all the visual aids blender shows us. This video will show you how to remove those and take a good screenshot.

Curves are a very useful feature in Blender to make decals, paint schemes, and even airfoils from.

Blender has different layers similar to photoshop or other graphics programs. This allows you to move things between layers to isolate them or help you organize different components. Additionally layers 1,2, and 6 are used for visible, invisible, and empties respectively in YSFlight.

The cut tool is very important for nearly everything we will do in blender.

In general we want to avoid triangular faces in our models whenever possible. They can add to the amount of computations YSFlight has to do to render the aircraft and also create more options for shading issues.

Cockpit instruments can take a long time to make, but the detail they add to your model as a whole is very nice.

Mirroring components across a model is very useful so you don't have to recreate things. Since I have published this tutorial, I have fallen in love with the mirror modifier.

As you may have seen in some of my tutorials, by screen looks different than the default blender screen. Here's how you change your user interface.

Making a transparent mesh is very easily done in blender.