Off-Site Modding Resources

This page is where you can find links to great tutorials and modding resources that were not created by me!

A Treatise on the Creation of Maps In YS Flight Simulation

A great introduction to making maps by PatrickN.

Dat File Variables

A YSFHQ page with lots of explanations for the fundamental Dat Variables.

DD Destroyer's Youtube Page

This contains many tutorials for blender and other YSFlight tools. The audio is in Korean but you may be able to learn some things by watching!

Dragon029's DNMViewer Tutorial

An excellent tutorial with lots of great pictures to help show you animation in DNMViewer.

Dragon029's Youtube Channel

Kurosaki's Basics Tutorial (PDF)

This tutorial is what got me started learning blender. A classic from one of the master modders for YSFlight.

Kurosaki's Shrink Wrapping Tutorial (PDF)

Definitely worth a read-through to learn some information about shrinkwrapping.

Kurosaki's Youtube Channel

You can find three timeless tutorials about working in blender along with many of this promotional videos.

LST File Syntax

A quick description of how the LST file should look like

YSFHQ Blender Tutorial Collection

This was compiled prior to my coming to YSFlight and had many great tutorials that I learned from (Animations being the biggest part of that). Unfortunately many of the image links are dead, but the text remains!

Shutter's Blender Modeling Tutorial

A really good tutorial that I have learned a lot of tricks and methods from.

YSFlight Simulator Wiki Modding Page

Many tutorials form YSFHQ have been moved here to simplify and preserve these pearls of wisdom.

Any of this links broken? Have you found a good resource? Please let me know!