Blender Video Tutorials

Most of my tutorial videos belong to different mini-series which you can see by clicking the links below.

Afterburner Tutorials

These videos will discuss different aspects of dealing with afterburners.

Blender Tutorials

These tutorials are a somewhat random collection of extremely useful tutorials that talk about different tools and methods for accomplishing different tasks in blender.

Google Sketchup To YSFlight

An incomplete series, however these videos will help you bring models into blender from Google Sketchup and begin to prepare them for YSFlight.

Learn to use Blender

This series will take you through the process of painting an airplane and teach you some of the basics of blender.

Requested Tutorials

I am typically open to requests for tutorial topics. Here are some that I've fulfilled.

Scratch Modeling Tutorials

Covers how to insert references into blender to use in creating new models from scratch. Also shows you some useful tips and tricks for making difficult or complicated parts using different tools.

Shrinkwrapping Decals in Blender

These two videos will show you how to properly shrinkwrap a decal around any part of your Model in blender.

YSFlight Animations in Blender

This series discusses how to animate things in blender and helps you understand what the animations are. I would also recommend reviewing the animation tutorial after you watch these videos as there are some updates you should be aware of and understand.