Learn to Use Blender

This series of tutorials is slow and on-going, so please be patient. My goal with this tutorials is to take you through the basics of painting and then gradually improve your skills and knowledge of using blender for YSFlight modding. These tutorials were first posted on the YSFlight Wiki.

Learn to Use Blender - Part 1

This tutorial will take you through opening blender for the first time and how to control the 3D view and import an airplane.

Learn to Use Blender - Part 2

This tutorial will teach the basics of creating a blank aircraft for you to paint. It is important to make a blank in order to make your painting easier and get a feel for Blender.

Learn to Use Blender - Part 3

In this section you will learn how to use the paint tool and work with one very handy YSPaint Script in order to save time and blank your aircraft faster. (And later paint your aircraft faster)

Learn to Use Blender - Part 4

This will show you how to use the cut tool in all the gritty detail so you can begin to cut paint schemes into your aircraft. A simple example of cutting a paint scheme into the fuselage of the example aircraft will be shown.

Learn to Use Blender - Part 5

This segment will discuss when to use decals rather than cutting a paint scheme into the fuselage of your aircraft. The general process of creating a decal will be discussed and shown. This tutorial ends with an introduction to the idea of shrink wrapping.

Learn to Use Blender - Part 6

After making our decals in Part 5, and discussing the basics of shrinkwrapping, we are going to now go through the process of shrinkwrapping. The method I show here is what I've found to be the fastest and easiest way to shrinkwrap a decal.

Collected Blender Shortcuts (WIP)

This page contains a collection of many of the important shortcuts for blender.