Decaff's Addons

Here are my Addons that I have developed individually or collaboratively with other members of the YSFlight Community. For many of my addons, I have included blank versions of the aircraft. Unless otherwise stated in the Addon description, User Guide or Modding permissions, if there is a blank model included in the pack, there is implied permission to repaint the aircraft without having to ask me. However, there is the expectation that you will credit all those credited in the read me if one exists. If there is no Read Me file, it is implied that I am the only person you need to credit.

You many not re-package any of my addons without my express written permission.

Map Addons

Philippines Islands Beta v1.0

The Philippines Island map was my first addon I released. I used a series of Army Topo Maps from 1950. The 10km grid squares and a few tools I had allowed me to create the map. Many Airports were made by Gunny from YSFHQ.

Strike Map

A fictional map designed for ground attack. Lots of fun to make and very challenging. 

Philippines Islands Beta v2.0

This is the second beta release of the Philippines Islands. It extends to the furthest north point of the country. Depending on your computer you may experience some shaking on this map as it is large and has many elevation grids and ground objects. Many airports were made by Gunny from YSFHQ.

Flight Test Map
This is a simple map that is really just a blank .fld file with start positions at various altitudes, initial speeds and throttle settings. I use this map for collecting data as there is no clutter to render and take away from the data recording of the flight.

Aircraft Addons

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700

This mod of Takety's 737 from Kurosaki's repaint pack was my first attempt at aircraft modding. This was done during a day off from school during Superstorm Sandy to complete a request made on YSFHQ.

NSAWC F/A-18C/D Aggressor Pack

This was my first attempt to extensively repaint a series of aircraft. I borrowed several mesh components from the YSAAF 2.0 F/A-18's, and this represented my first work to create simple animations (the canopy) and had significant DAT work.

CRJ Family Blanks
My first significant work to blank an airplane and modify it into another aircraft. These aircraft are derived from the Real Pack CRJ-200. Included are a CRJ -200, -700, and -900.


A repaint of my CRJ-900 for a YSUpload addon challenge.

Malev 737-600

A pre-release of my 737 Next Generation pack that was not released due to animation difficulties in later models. Features the Malev 737-600 livery.

Next Generation Boeing 737s - Southwest

Another pre-release of the 737 Next Generation pack that was never released featuring the Southwest Airlines Livery.

F/A-18D Aggressor Hornet Demo

A specially modified F/A-18D from my F-18 Pack for an airshow. Features updated flares from Oranleed, lights and missiles that move with the wingtips, and an improved DAT File.

Boeing 727 Pack

This was created from Skyline's base 727-200 mesh. It was my first addon where I created all the animations from scratch and I learned a lot about editing the mesh of the airplane for YSFlight. Features a detailed cockpit and animations.

Next Generation Boeing 737 Pack

This was a re-work of the NG 737s I previously worked on. After extensively editing the wing and flap systems I incorporated my scratch-built 737NG cockpit instrument panels. The base mesh was from Takety.

                                                          Mirror Download Link

Tu-95 "Bear"

Re-visited the Tu-95, my first attempt at scratch modeling, nearly a year after starting. Completely re-did the mesh and added in all the animations except the propeller animations which are from YSMajor's B-17G.

                                                          Mirror Download Link

Military Boeing 707 Pack

After creating 727 and 737 packs I asked Skyline for a 707 mesh and he answered. This pack featured the KC-135 and its derivatives which had the turbojet or low-bypass turbofan engines. I did all the animations, mesh edits and painting.

Tu-16 "Badger" Pack

Another scratch modeling creation, the Tu-16 was a project I decided to do because I thought that I could actually make the mesh. This pack features several variants as well as a custom made Kingfisher Missile.

H-6 Pack

The Chinese reproduction and several variants of the Tu-16 bomber known as the H-6. Features a refueling tanker as well as the all-yellow ground attack variant and custom Air-to-Ground missiles.

KC-135R Pack

A release of the KC-135R and RC-135R aircraft featuring the new CFM56 engine. The engine was heavily modified from a C-5 Galaxy and shrunk to scale.


A modification of the Tu-22 from the Active Armaments Industry pack featuring new decals, missiles and a round of mesh improvements.

Velocity XL RG

A general aviation aircraft that is generally home-made. This mesh was originally from Skyline, with a DAT file modified by Gunny from Oranleed.

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Download from Mediafire here
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Next Generation Boeing 737 Pack 2

This second 737 pack features 10 new high-detail aircraft with a mix of -700s and -800s from around the globe.

Decaff's Boeing 757 Pack
A collection of 22 aircraft from 8 different airlines. The pack heavily features the 757-200 and 757-200F with Rolls Royce Engines. I have included blank versions of all models of the 757 as well with both Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce engines.

                                                          Mirror Download Link

Civilian 707 Pack
This pack contains four aircraft (707-320s) and a blank version of the passenger as well as the freight version. Feel free to paint both versions!

Boeing 717-200
This addon includes a detailed Hawaiian Airlines paint, along with the blank blender file. Also included are a lite and detailed cockpit. Do not modify the base model without my permission. You are free to repaint to your heart's content.

The product of my Aircraft Design class for a next generation business jet. Do not modify the base model without my permission. You are free to repaint to your heart's content.

Boeing 787 v1.1

The Boeing 787 is the first aircraft primarily made of composite materials. Now a detailed 787 comes to YSFlight! You are free to repaint these models.

Northrop F-20 Tigershark v1.1

The F-20 Tigershark now flies the YSFlight skies in High Detail. Version 1.1 introduces a minor DAT fix. Feel free to repaint and create derivative models.

Download from Mediafire here

Mirror Download Link

Boeing 767 Pack v1.2

The Boeing 767 and its military derivatives are used around the world. Enjoy flying 3 passenger and 3 military versions in YSFlight. Feel free to create derivative models and repaints! Update fixes aileron and landing gear bugs.

Download from Mediafire here

                                                          Mirror Download Link

Boeing 747-8 Pack

The newest Boeing 747 is now ready for the skies of YSFlight. Featuring 13 paint schemes across the passenger and freighter variants. Feel free to repaint the blank files included in the pack.

Download from Mediafire here

Mirror Download Link

Bombardier C Series (CS-100 & CS-300)

The Bombardier C Series is a new regional jet by the Canadian manufacturer. This scratch model is now brought to YSFlight in HD quality. REPAINTS ONLY WITH PERMISSION.

Download from Mediafire here

Mirror Download Link

F-35 Pack - April 29, 2017

The F-35 Lightning II is the second 5th generation fighter jet for the United States and comes in three versions for different operational roles. Original model from CEP. Weapons folder overwrites all previous Decaff_42 weapons folders. See User Guide for modding permissions and lots of useful information about the aircraft.

Modding Helpers

Decaff's Decals Pack (10.28.2014)
This pack of decals contains 29 different airline logos and decals, including several country flags you may find useful. You may use them for whatever projects you are working on, as long as you credit me. All of these decals were made by me for use in my projects or specially for this pack.

Decaff's Decals Pack (11.20.2014)
This pack contains several more logos than the previous version. This update can overwrite all previous versions of my decals pack and contains several fonts and other useful things for modders. Please credit me if you use any decal in this pack.

Download from Mediafire here 
                                                          Mirror Download Link

Decaff's Decals Pack (02.25.2016)
More decals, more fun! This pack includes over 40 airlines and assorted other decals including 16 country flags! This update can overwrite all previous version of the Decal Pack. Feel free to use and modify decals as long as you credit me! Please read the READ ME for more information on crediting.

Decaff's Decals PAck (02.19.2017)
This version includes 46 airline decals, 22 Flags, and many more military roundals, squadron decals and markings. This update can overwrite any previous version of the Decal Pack. Feel free to use and modify these decals as long as you credit me! Please read the READ ME file for more information on crediting and uses.