YS Flight Links

There are dozens of websites for different YSFlight addons and modding information. Here are a few of the major websites. If you find a link is broken, please leave a comment down below, or get in touch with me via this page. This list starts with order of importance, but after the first 5 or 6, I have just put them in alphabetical order.

Essential Pages


This is Soji Yamakawa's personal site where he posts YSFlight and aviation related information. He is an active pilot and Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

YSFlight HeadQuarters

This site is the largest English-speaking community for YSFlight. There are many active members who have been with the community for many years and there is a thriving modding community.


The wiki is where YSFHQ tries to post many of it's tutorials to help collect them. There are numerous pages for different aspects of modding and YSFlight.


This site has a number of maps, ground packs, and aircraft packs including the famous WW3 maps and General Air Combat (GAC) pack. The site is in Japanese, so you will want to translate it before you can find the addons.

Oranleed Collection

This is site hosts one of the largest packs of medium to high detail models for YSFlight. Additionally aircraft are constantly being developed, and progress is posted in the BBC section of the site. The site is in Japanese so you will want to translate it before you can begin to poke through the site.

C.K. Pack

This is site hosts and extensive pack of conventional and unconventional addons for YSFlight. It contains some of the highest quality aircraft.

Interesting Pages

Abel Jets Virtual Airline

VA with some of the best paint schemes in YSFlight

Akira's YSFlight Field

Host to Akira's Packs, this site has some amazing addons.

Hanger VEM

Home of Lucas, a modder from YSFHQ.

K2W'S Website

Home of K2W, an amazing map maker for YSFlight, known for making textured maps.

Legendary Wings

Home to some amazingly detailed aircraft including an F-14 and Dassault Rafale.

Lord Flashearts YSFlight Addons

Flasheart's addons are some of the most detailed in all of YSF. His Vulcan Bombers push the limits of detail. Best known for his detailed cockpits, all of these aircraft are a joy to fly.

me744's Site

me744 is an amazing modder who has many detailed addons.

NajmiCreative's Site

NajmiCreative has an awesome mix of repaints and scratch-made airplanes.


This is Takaty's home page and host to several top-quality addons and tutorials.

Taskforce 58's YSFlight Hanger

Taskforce 58 (TF58) is a longstanding member of the YSFlight community and has made many maps and airplanes. His famous Down in Flames pack can be downloaded from his website.

Umailbow's Blog

Umailbow's F-15s are the stuff of legends. His blog discusses the development of these magnificent aircraft.

Utachi's YSFlight Factory

A great modder, who has made some unique and good detail models.

YSFlight MotoSports

A collection of Tigershark's cars and a few airplanes, along with a race-track map for the super-fast cars.

YS Major

YS Major is one of the best all-around modders for YSFlight and is still active at YSFHQ. Many of his aircraft and maps can be downloaded from this site.