Scenery Editor Map Reviews

These reviews are somewhat different from your normal addon review as we open maps in Scenery Editor to reverse engineering some interesting components that you can find helpful. Useful techniques that the original map makers used will be highlighted to help you.

I am a big fan of YS Major's maps because he manages to pack an incredible amount of detail into a small space without expending a lot of effort. By repeating and re-coloring a few elevation grids, and taking advantage of different tools he has created some of the most complete maps in YSFlight.

Styk has a different style than YS Major. He heavily uses detailed elevation grid constructions to sparsely populate this map and then uses repeating farms to fill in the gaps. Additionally he makes use of the ground-color feature in Scenery Editor so you don't have to have a base polygon filling the entire map.

Taiwan has a different style which is more detail oriented, and he has an interesting style of keeping elevation grid-sizes down. The elements of his Hong Kong map show the effort he put into making it perfect.

Taiwan's St Maartin map is one of my all-time favorites. Again you see his style of square color patches and his excellent runway construction.

TaskForce 58's Edwards Air Force Base map contains some interesting elements that make it worth examining in Scenery Editor. His layered taxiways and runways are fairly unique in YSFlight.

The Hawaii to SOCAL (Southern California) map is a favorite of Virtual Airline pilots for its long and short flights.

El Centro is one of my favorite Airshow maps. It has a wonderful color selection and style of populating the area around the airport.

Once again we find ourselves looking at another YSMajor map.

The Canary Islands Map contains some of the most detailed airports I've seen in YSFlight, and I love the way the whole map comes together.