What We Do

Tipton Monument  Restoration and Rededication July 4, 2006
Gravestone raising Blissfield and Petersburg Cemeteries


  Annual Dinners   
 Bill Ames as Abraham Lincoln                               Bob Elliott talks about Lenawee County Men and Movies

 Dave Hiliker as General Grant          Steve Alexander as General George Armstrong Custer

 Craig DeCrane talks about Gettysburg                                         Brian Egan on Movie Making

Gary Holmes on Lincoln 2009
 2011 Dinner  Marty Bertera & Kim Crawford speak about their book on the 4th Michigan 
N-H Sec./Treas. Butch Miller
Marty Bertera
Kim Crawford
State Comm. Don Shaw
N-H Comm. Gary Naugle  
2012 Annual Dinner with David Imgall as guest speaker 
2013  Gary Holmes speaks about how we got to be Nash-Hodges
Gary Naugle, Janet Luckhardt, Gary Holmes, Keith Hodges
Janet and Keith displaying their families Medal of Honors
2014 Dinner  Neil Griffith and Gary Holmes receiving
 their Past Commanders Badges from Commander Gary Naugle                  Gary Naugle and guest speaker Jim Malarney  who spoke on Sharpshooters from the county

                                                         Veterans Day 1998                             Veterans Day 1999                                                    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Veterans Day 2013  Gary Holmes, Butch Miller, Tim Ernst, Montgomery Hall                        


Memorial Day Programs
Blissfield                                                 Blissfield 1997                                        Riga 1997 firing with the VFW  
      Blissfield Memorial Day 2009                        Riga Memorial Day 2009           Blissfield Memorial Day 2010
Macon Memorial Day Program 2011                                        Palmyra Memorial Day Parade 2011                        Tecumseh Memorial Day 2011  State Commander Don Shaw and
                                                                                                                                                                                     N. H. Commander Gary Naugle lay a wreath at the Civil War monument.
Blissfield Memorial Day Parade 2011
Riga Memorial Day Ceremony 2011
Palmyra Memorial Day 2012                                               Blissfield  Memorial Day 2012 
Riga Memorial Day 2012
Gary Speaking at Blissfield Memorial Day  2013                                                                                                                        Riga 2013 Memorial Day  Time-Line


Memorial Day 2014   Palmyra --   Blissfield   --   Riga
  Memorial Day 2015   Blissfield -- Riga -- Lime Creek May 30, 2015 ( see more pictures at ) https://sites.google.com/site/suvcw43/lenawee-county-monuments Lime Creek



Dearborn Homecoming 2009                 Blissfield River Raisin Festival 
Gravestone Dedications    

Civil War Veteran Honored with Headstone

More than 93 years after he was first laid to rest in the Ogden Zion Cemetery, William Harrison Marshall has a headstone.

On Thursday, members of the Marshall family, members of Nash-Hodges Camp #43 of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and the director of the Michigan Historical Museum helped dedicate the previously unmarked grave of the Civil War veteran, who died April 18, 1918. His remains are in the Ogden Zion Cemetery in Ogden Township.

“This is a great day to be an American and to be a member of the Marshall family,” said Mark Lindke of Ann Arbor, great-grandson of William Harrison Marshall.

 Adrian College Homecoming / 150th Anniversary of 4th Michigan & Camp Williams
( September 24, 2011  Displays were setup, 25 people helped to man displays, fire rifles, fire a small cannon, camp life, talk about medical and answer questions.  At the beginning of the football game an Honor Guard comprised of 3 Adrian College Alumni presented the colors ( which is a relpica of the original that was presented to Col. Dwight Woodbury of the 4th Michigan in June of 1861 on the Adrian College Campus which the men called Camp Williams.  A six man rifle Squad along with a small cannon fired a salute as the game ball was launched to the field from behind them.
 February 2012 Meeting at Neil's Cabin
Monroe County Fallen Civil War Soldiers Monument Dedication  May 27, 2012
Butch, Kathy & Emily by family members name              Butch & Custer                  Gary & Custer                    Descendants of fallen soldiers       
Hope to have pics from our display at the 2012 Lenawee County Fair.
If you have any pics please get them to me.
Gary Naugle and James  Tipton manned the display in the morning followed by
Kim Frye and Avery Bruce and then Butch Miller and Gary Holmes


               State Commander Arnold with installed new officers and new member 1-13-2013
back row: Rich Holdridge, Kim Frye, Gary Holmes, Grag Sebring, Keith Hodges and Jim Tipton                                New member Greg Sebring being initiated 1-13-2013 
front row:  Gary Naugle, State Commander Arnold and Butch Miller

2014 Officers being sworn in         
Kim Frye, Gary Naugle, James Tipton, Keith Hodges,               Bruce Butgereit  came to install 2014 Officers
 Greg Sebring and Neil Griffith

Gary Holmes at 2013 150th Gettysburg Remembrance Day