Lime Creek

The Lime Creek Monument is located in the Lime Creek Cemetery on Munson Rd.  outside of Morenci Michigan.   This monument is one of the 1st ten monuments put up in the state and is in drastic need of repair.  The engravings are almost unreadable.   This monument has the names of 33 men all from Medina Township.
This information is taken from: Gravestone Records of Lenawee County, Michigan. Collected and Edited by Harriet Cole Clark Bowen.
Vital Records Collection of the DAR of Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan. Vol. 5
published Adrian 1943, townships of Fairfield, Medina, Seneca and the city of Morenci.

West Panel,  US Sharpshooters:
Jewell, E. G., Co. C, killed Kelly's Ford, Nov. 8, 1863, ae 27 yrs.
Higley, H. O., Co. C, killed Gettysburg, PA, July 2, 1863, ae 23 yrs.
Roosa, S.K., Co. C. wounded at Gettysburg, d. Aug. 2, 1863 ae 35 yrs at Philadelphia, PA.
Joughlin, J. Bat. H., died at Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 11, 1865, ae 22yrs.
Dutcher, A., Bat. H, died at Marietta, Ga, Aug. 28, 1863, ae 30 yrs.
Jewell, H. B., 52 O.V.I., killed Atlanta, Ga, July 19, 1864, ae 30 yrs.
Wilkins, L.P., Co. F, 11th Mich. Inf., wounded Atlanta, Ga, d. Aug. 16, 1864, ae 33 yrs.
Spaulding, E. M., Co. C, 23 Mich. Inf., d. Feb. 10, 1863, ae 20 yrs at Bowling Green, KY.
Wood, J. S., Co. E, 3 Mich. Inf., d. July 13, 1862 ae 18 yrs at St. Louis, Mo.

North Panel   4th Mich. Inf.
Kenyon, L. L., Co. F, killed at Malvern Hill, Jan. 1, 1862 ae 18yrs.
Cox, L., Co. F, killed at Huntsville, Ala, Feb. 22, 1865, ae 21 yrs.
Wheeler, E. H., Co. F., killed Georgetown, D.C., Aug. 29, 1861, ae 24 yrs.
Palmer, W.H., Co. F, killed Petersburg, Va., Jan. 19, 1864, ae 27 yrs.
Bailey, J. S., Co. A, killed at Malvern Hill, June 29, 1862, ae 19 yrs.
Tolford, W.H., Co. F, killed at battle Wilderness, May 5, 1864, ae 33 yrs.
Lawrence, H. S., Co. F, killed Chancelorsville, Va., May 5, 1863, ae 23 yrs.
Millins, G., Co. B, d. Andersonville Prison, Ga., of starvation, May 16, 1861, ae 25 yrs.
Baker, G. L., 9 Mich. Bat., killed Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 7, 1864, ae 19 yrs.

South Panel   18th Mich. Inf.
Bailey, N., Co. B, d. at Lexington, KY April 22, 1863, ae 19yrs.
Upton, O. S., Co. I, d. Nashville, Tenn, Sept, 1, 1861, ae 19yrs.
Proper, G. W., Co. A, died Camp Chase, July 29, 1864, ae 21 yrs.
Spring, J., Co. A, lost on "Sultana", April 27, 1865, ae 20 yrs.
Van Court, H. H., Co. D, lost on "Sultana", April 27, 1865, ae 22 yrs.
Bradish, J. W., Co. A, lost on  Sultana", April 27, 1865, ae 21 yrs.
Upton, W. S., Co. I, lost on  Sultana , April 27, 1865, ae 19 y, 8 m.
Wheeler, F., Co. I, killed at Athens, Ala., Sept. 26, 1864, ae 28 yrs.
Foster, H., Co. I, killed at Athens, Ala., Sept. 26, 1864, ae 31 yrs.
Chatfield, H., Co. I, d. Huntsville, Ala., Nov. 28, 1864, ae 30 yrs.
Gould, A. W., Co. I, d. Dansville, Ala., Mar 7, 1863, ae 25 yrs.

East Panel:   11th Mich. Cav.

Proper, J.N., Co. D, d. Lexington, Ky, Feb 1864, ae 19 yrs.
Wood, J. C., Co. D, d. Salisbury, NC, Jan., 29, 1863, ae 42 yrs.
Haight, P., Co. G, d. Nashville, Tenn, Aug. 29, 1864, ae 38 yrs.
Campbell, R. M., Co. H, 1st Neb. Inf., d. May 20, 1864, ae 29 yrs.