In the center of the cemetery is a boulder bearing a bronze plate with this inscription:
"Honoring those
  who served
In the War of 1812
  the Civil War
Spanish-American War
  World War."

List of Soldiers Buried in Ridgeway as submitted by Mr. William Fletcher, Supt. of Cem., taken from:
Gravestone Records of Lenawee County, Michigan. Collected and Edited by Harriet Cole Clark Bowen.
Vital Records Collection of the DAR of Adrian. Vol 3 copyright 1940

Civil War:
Ackley, Norman H. Co. F 26th Mich. Inf.
Allen, Daniel Co. D
Allen, William H. Co. E, 18th Mich. Inf.
Allison, George
Baker, John Sergt Co. K 25th Ohio V Inf.
Banister, Lucien
Biggs, Michael Co. F 26th Mich Inf.
Beal, Byron
Bechtol, J.B. Co. C 5th U.S. Army
Brewer, Phylarman Co. F 26th Mich. Inf.
Britton, John
Boice, James B. 50th N.Y. Eng.
Buck, Frank
(NOTE: handwritten in pencil the word 'Musician' is beside this name)
Cheever, Leander
Clark, George
Collins, William Co. F 26th Mich. Inf.
Coryell, John Co. F 26th Mich. Inf.
Covell, Warren Co. F 26th Mich. Inf.
Cowan, Demon Co. K 11th Mich. Inf.
Danley, Silas B.
Davidson, Jehial Co. F 26th Mich. Inf.
Eaton, Albert Co. I 18th Mich. Inf.
Eaton, James H. Co. I 18th Mich. Inf.
(NOTE: James H. is crossed off and in pencil is written Charles H.)
Eleby, John W. Co. F, 26th Mich. Inf.
Gifford, Henry Co. D 7th Mich. Inf.
Gilmore, James Co. G, 4th Mich. Inf.
Hause, Lyman E.
Haynes, Charles W.
Henderson, Oliver Co. K, 84th Ohio Vol. Inf.
Hindes, N. M. U.S. Navy Service
Hoagland, Lyman E., Co. H 13th Mich. Inf.
Hoagland, Thomas V.
Hodgson, Thomas
Holden, Oscar B.
Jackson, John Co. F, 26th Mich. Inf.
Larkin, Henry
Linn, Chester A. Co. F, 26th Mich. Inf.
McCarbary Janos Co. F, 26th Mich. Inf.
McCarbary, William H. Co F. 26th Mich. Inf.
Miller, Elbert
Miller, Gilbert Co. F, 26th Mich. Inf.
Miller, Lewis V.
Miller, Minor 3rd Mich.
Miller, Riley Co. B, 4th Mich. Inf.
Miller, Volney N. Co. K, 3rd Mich. Inf.
Osterhout, Milo Co. H, 1st Mich. Sharpshooter
Ousterhout, John B. Co. F, 26th. Mich. Inf.
Pilbeam, Charles A.
(given name has been completely XXX'ed out)
Pilbeam, Edward
(Handwritten beside his name: 11th Reorganized d. at Nashville, Tenn)
Pilbeam, Isaac Newton
(Isaac was handwritten, also handwritten Navy-Landsman on "Forest Rose")
Pocklington, Charles E., Co. I, 18th Mich Inf.
Pocklington, J. A. 2nd Ill. L.A.
(with John handwritten in)
Pocklington, Smith, Co. I, 18th. Mich. Inf.
Palmer, J.S., U.S. Navy
Rankin, William J., Co. L, 12th Tenn Cav.
Rappleye, Erasmus W., Co. F, 26th Mich. Inf.
Reynolds, Henry, Co. F., 26th Mich. Inf.
Schreder, George W., Co. F, 26th Mich. Inf.
Smith, Edmund R.
Smith, J.B., Co. K, 3rd. Mich. Inf.
Smith, Henry
Semple, Samuel, Co. D, 1st NY Cav.
Thackray, Joseph, Co. F, 26th Mich. Inf.
Winsley, John R. Corp., Co. H., 19th Mich. Inf.

Under the Civil War Veterns is James H. Eaton, which is crossed out and Charles H. Eaton written in its place.
James H. Eaton was from Lenawee Co. and killed in the battle of Chicamauga, he was in the 13th Michigan and buried on the battlefield.
Since the soldier listed on the monument was in the 18th Michigan, Charles H. Eaton could be correct.
It is not known who Charles H. Eaton is, however Albert Eaton is listed in the same company.
Albert had a brother Charles C. Eaton who was probably too young to have served. Charles H. Eaton could be a cousin.

Thank you, John Gross, for this additional information