North Dover

North Dover Cemetery
Dover Township
From Gravestone Records of Lenawee County, Michigan. Collected and Edited by Harriet Cole Clark Bowen.
Vital Records of the DAR of Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan. Vol. 4. Printed Adrian, 1942.
Covers townships of Dover, Hudson and Madison.

List of soldiers in North Dover Cemetery, Dover Township, near Clayton:
Please note this is a list of soldiers buried in North Dover Cemetery and not actually a monument.

Graves, Steven W. (1791-1854)
Hitchins, Timothy (1797-1879)
Hale, Roswell (1793-1846)
Holmes, Isaac (1786-1877)
Dix, William (1796-1876)
Peek, William R. ( -1854)
Robb, Gilbert (1795-1879)
Root, Simeon (1786-1870)
Rawley, Caleb S. (1791-1861)
Losey, Joseph (1797-1869)
Shaw, Brackley (1790-1869)
Terwillinger, James B. (1778-1844)
Bordine, Benjamin (1825-1893)
Bordine, Frank R.
Brown, Oscar
Baker, Cyrus H. (1841-1863)
Beach, G. R.
Botsford, ------
Axtel, Jehial F.
Bosenbark, W. T.
Core, Andrew (1845-1888)
Carrell, George W. (1846-1895)
Baker, Lusius P.
Frost, Aaron
Holmes, William J. (1838-1863)
Johnson, Ambrose (1836-1892)
Johnson, John (1788-1865)
Lawton, Silas
Ludlum, Dr.
Kelly, Daniel (1798-1857)
Kelly, George W. (1848-1871)
Kingsley, Dwight A. (1824-1908)
Kesler, J. B. (1845-1923)
Gill, William E. (1835-1890)
Beech, Byron (1846-1918)
Harrison, Dr. Kimmel K. (1838-1910)
Kesler, William (1820-1900)
Crownover, James M. (1841-1918)
Penfield, Charles G. (1841-1863)
Penfield, Sylvester M. (1836-1862)
Powell, Marion A.
Phelps, Elias (1817-1892)
Schooley, Henry M. (1797-1875)
Spencer, Sanford
Spencer, F. R.
Soper, on lot mkrs, GAR E.J.H. & S.P.W.
Sweet, Henry (1816-1890)
Myers, Levi S. (1825-1864)
Terwillger, Albert E. (1844-1922)
Terwillger, Milton H. (1841-1913)
Walter, Jacob, (1826-1912)

World War I:
Pickford, Leslie J. (1869-1918)
Hayward, Ernest E. (1893-1918)
Abbott, Harold Baker (1890-1920)
Soper, Robert (1892-1927)
Biggs, Oliver M. (1894-1918)