Adrian Monument

This monument is unique in design with several tablets containing names of 81 men from the area and a large pillar above with an acorn style ern on top.  The pillar came from a bank building in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  It sits in the middle of Monument Park in Adrian Michigan surrounded by monuments representing all the wars right up to present day.   Every Veterans Day they hold a ceremony here and soldiers place wreaths at the monuments in honor of those who have passed.  The park is located between Maumee St. on the north and Church St. to the south about 2 blocks east of downtown Adrian.   Also surrounding the monument are 4 cannons on wooden bases.  2 are original while the other 2 are reproductions. 

The Civil War Memorial is a marble monument situated in the center of Memorial Park in Adrian, Michigan.  

 The monument was designated as a Michigan Historic Site 

 on August 13, 1971 and later added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 29, 1972. It was unveiled on July 4, 1870 to commemorate soldiers from Adrian who died in the American Civil War  (1861–1865).

The Civil War Memorial ties together the cities of Adrian and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The column used in the monument was originally one of the six marble columns on the eastern facade of the former Bank of Pennsylvania  building in Philadelphia. The bank building and the column itself were built in 1799. The Bank of Pennsylvania building, which was considered one of the first examples of Greek Revival Architecture in the United States, was demolished in 1868. With Congressional permission, one of the six columns was donated to the city of Adrian from the bank.  With the aid of the Hon.F. C. Beaman a member of congress from this district and J. Fred Meyers.of Washington a former well known citizen of Adrian along with the Hon. Hugh McCulloch then Secretary of the Treasury  of the United States the column was donated to the association. It remains the only surviving piece of the original Bank of Pennsylvania building.

Architect and sculptor Benjamin H. Latrobe designed the bank.  The cost of the base in which the column stands came at a cost of $10,000.00 which was raised by the monument association. The monument was unveiled in Memorial Park on July 4, 1870 by the Adrian Soldiers’ Monument Association. It was the second such commemorative monument erected in Lenawee County following the war — the first being a cemetery monument erected in nearby Franklin Township.  The column rests on top of a concrete octagonal pedestal, and each side contains a bronze tablet inscribed with the names of 84 fallen soldiers and the regiment to which they belonged. The column itself is surmounted with a metal urn. The inscription on the base of the pedestal reads, “1870. Erected by citizens of Adrian in memory of our fallen soldiers. By such as these was our Union saved in the great struggle of 1861–1865.”

List of Men on Bronze Panels
First Panel: Second Panel: Third Panel:
4th Mich. Inf. 1st Mich. Inf. 20th Mich. Inf.
Col. D.A. Woodbury Darius Bradish Col. W. H. Smith
Samuel B. Bonney Mus'n    John Riley 26th Mich. Inf.
Walter C. White Co. A James Fowler James Sherman
Duane C. Kimball Co. B Edward P. Brown 9th. Mich. Cav.
Harlow Mulliken Co. D 2nd Mich. Inf. Frederick Ladd
Paul Wilson Co. D Horace Blanchard James R. Perkins
Frank C.W. Brown Co. D Stephen E. Fuller 6th US Cav.
Richard J. Clegg Co. D 9th Mich. Inf. Charles H. Miller
Otis Turner Co. D Franklin C. Drake     11th US Inf.
Charles W. Peters Co. F 12th Mich. Inf. John Mitchell
Robert Moody Co. F. William Ward Berdans Sharpshooters
12th Tenn. Cav. Emery Nelson Albert W. Miller
Sample copy of panel
This is Panel # 7
Lieut. C. Cunningham 8th Mich. Inf. 15th Mich. Inf.
4th Mich. Cav. John Kennedy Charles Hoyt
Bolke Bollson    


Fourth Panel: Fifth Panel: Sixth Panel:
1st Georgia Inf. 4th Mich. Cav. 61st NY Inf.
Capt. A. M. Rogers Henry E. McLouth Jacob Hoffman
4th Mich. Inv. Orin D. McLouth Homer H. Bixby
Robert Tinney William Bidelman      Frank B. Aldrich
George W. Holmes Henry A. Barnard Melvin White
11th Mich Cav. Augustus Rabold 54th Mass Inf.
Rome Whitney William Housman George Dorsey
9th Mich. Cav. Joseph E. Seaman 25th Ohio Inf.
B. M. V. Whitney Charles Hawley Lewis F. Shannon
11th Mich. Inf. 5th Mich Cav. 47th Ohio Inf.
Michael Dann Julian L. Morey Col. L.S. Elliott
1st Mich Inf. 6th Mich Cav. Charles Derby
George Parker Charles Blossom William H. H. Faxon     
8th Penn Cav. 4th. US Cav. 4th Mich. Cav.
Lieut. Henry J. Ladd Robert K. Payne William Heinzelman
Seventh Panel: Eighth Panel:
18th Mich Inf. 17th Mich. Inf.
Levi Gerrenfield Co. C Lieut. Col. L.L. Comstock
Charles E. Norton Co. C. John S. Vreeland
Alfred N. Smith Co. C. James T. Avery
Jerome D. Baker Co. C. Franklin Knight
Charles M. Ramsdell Co. C. Moses Shipman
Thomas W. Kline Co. C. Myron H. Perkins
Erasmus D. Thompson Co. C. Addison Bradish
Michael Daley Co. C. James P. Cops
Charles H. Wheeler Co. C. Cassius A. Clark
Charles W. Wheeler Co. B William R. McMinn
Lafayette Brown Co. B. William Elliott
Charles Thayer Co. B. 1st Mich. Eng.
3rd. Mo. Inf. William Wooten
Albert E. Ulrich Giles M. Chappell