Blissfield Monument

This monument is a Columbiad Cannon which would have fired an 8-inch mortar.  The cannon was made in Boston by C. A. & Co. in 1855 for the U. S.  It was inspected as number 40 by B. H. ( Benjamin Huger:  Later became a Confederate General ).  The number 9065 marked on the breech is the weight.  The stack of 10 cannon balls and brass monkey have been stolen since this picture was taken.  The monument sits in Pleasent View Cemetery in Blissfield Michigan on the corner of High St. and US223.  The monument was placed here by the GAR Scott Post 43 of Blissfield possibly in 1903.  
"Dedicated to the Memory of our Countried Defenders 1861 - 1865" 
Cannon facts:

Cyrus Alger & Co.:  Cyrus Alger, who during the War of 1812 furnished the government with shot and shell, in 1817 started South Boston Iron company which at an early date was known locally as Alger's Foundry and later became Cyrus Alger & Co.  The Massachusetts firm was a leading cannon manufacturer and when Cyrus died in 1856, leadership was assumed by his son, Francis, who piloted the company until his death in 1864.  During the war, both Army and Navy were supplied with large numbers of weapons.  The initials "S.B.F." (South Boston Foundry) occasionally may be found on cannon, but the signature is traditionally "C.A. & Co., Boston, Mass." or, rarely, "C. Alger & Co., Boston, Mass." 

A Columbiad was a heavy iron artillery piece which could fire shot and shell at a high angle of elevation using a heavy powder charge. Columbiads were usually classified as seacoast defense weapons and were mounted in fortifications along the rivers and other waterways.  The eight-inch (203 mm) columbiad could project a 65 pound shell 4,400 yards (4,000 m) or 4,800 yards (4,400 m) for solid shot; the model weighed 9240 pounds.

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Breech                                                Lower left
Muzzle Face
Left Trunnion Face                                      Right Trunnion Face                                  
 Marker at the base of a tree in Ellis Park in Blissfield MI