Macon Monument

This monument is in the cemetery in Macon Township.

Macon Cemetery is located on Mills-Macon Road, just north of Clinton-Macon Road.

This monument was dedicated May 30, 1892 at 2:30 on Decoration Day (Memorial Day).
The invocation was given by Rev. Mr. Gulick and the historical address
was given by the Hon. George Howell, while Professor White of Jackson gave the “address”.
The monument was made by Marsteller of Clinton. It is reported that it was “a beauty
and was sold at a very (cheap) figure for a monument of that ---- and quality”.
Source of quote is unknown to compiler.

Monument is made of granite.




This information is taken from: Gravestone Records of Lenawee County, Michigan
Collected and Edited by Harriet Cole Clark Bowen.

Vital Records Collection of the DAR of Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan. Vol. 1.
Printed in Adrian, MI 1933

                                                                Inscription on the West Side reads:

                                          Emmet Morgan 11 Mich. Inf. Died at Chattanooga Tenn. 1865 ae 21 ys.

Revilo Sage 3 Mich. Cav. Died at New Orleans LA. 1865 ae 26 ys.

Rufus Sage 11 Mich Inf. Died at Chattanooga Tenn. 1865 ae 22 ys.

Lyman Lewis 3 Mich Cav. Died at Browns Sta. Ark. 1865 ae 25 ys.

Edward Lewis 4 Mich Inf. Killed at Gettysburg PA 1863 ae 20 ys.

South Side inscription read:

Lieut. E. L. Tucker 4 Mich Cav. Killed at Washington Tenn. 1865 ae 35 ys.

Ichabod Burleson 6 Mich Inf. Died at New Orleans La. 1862 ae 23 ys.

Israel Pennington 30 Mich Inf. Died at Detroit Mich. 1865 ae 17 ys.

John A. Pennington Pvt. 310 Med Det A. E. F. Died 1918 France

(Note: It is obvious that John A. Pennington was probably not a Civil War Veteran,
as he died in Europe during World War I.
If he had been 16 years old at the end of the Civil War in 1865,
he would have been 69 years old in 1918.)

North Side inscriptions read:

Wm. B. Hatch 1 Serg 3 Mich Cav Died at Tecumseh Mich 1862 ae 23 ys.

Neafie Hunt 4 Mich Cav Died Murfreesboro Tenn 1863 ae 44 ys.

Ransom Hendershot 3 Mich Cav Died at Duvalls Bluff Ark. 1864 ae 23 ys.

Liniaes Burdett 3 Mich Cav Died at Jackson Tenn 1862 ae 10 ys.


Four of these men do not appear to be buried at Macon:
Lieut. E. L. Tucker, Ichabod Burleson, Neafie Hunt, and Ransom Hendershot