Sponsoring Committee

3 Squadron is sponsored by the #3 Striker Air Cadet Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) - a charitable not-for-profit organization. They are responsible for fund raising to cover most of the expenses of the squadron, such as facilities, training supplies, storage, awards, trophies, trips and the Air Cadet League assessment. The Chairperson of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee works closely with the Commanding Officer to plan the annual budget.

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee meets once a month to discuss fundraising, recruiting, public relations, facilities, finances and the needs of the squadron. Please contact the Chair if you wish to attend a meeting. For more information about the SSC please talk to a Committee member on any Tuesday training night. Or use the form on the Contact Us page, or email the chair.

2020-2021 #3 SQUADRON SPONSORING COMMITTEE (as of 18 Mar 2021)

Mark Calcutt - Chair, Parents Committee

John Mather - Vice Chair, Fund Raising

Anna Dalton- Secretary

Eric Clinton - Treasurer, Web Site

Phil Barlow - Recruiting, PR

Teresa O'Leary - Facilities, Tagging

Jeanette Wielinga - Recruiting, PR

Cherie Seys

June 2019 L to R: Chris, Eric, Teresa, Phil, Arianne, Mark & Lorraine.


"Locally, through sponsorship, to provide the necessary financial, morale, resource and facility requirements to ensure the current and future success of 3 Striker Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets."


The SSC has broad responsibilities to the Air Cadets, to the Community, to the Canadian Forces and to the Air Cadet League (ACL).

To the Air Cadets

the main objectives are to:

  • Obtain suitable training quarters for the Squadron;

  • Provide adequate financing for the needs of the Squadron not otherwise covered by the Department of National Defence (DND);

  • Encourage the enrollment of qualified young people as Air Cadets;

  • Visit the Squadron as frequently as possible during training periods;

  • Work with the Commanding officer (CO) in selecting Air Cadets for training reward activities;

  • Award trophies and other special inducements for proficiency;

  • Sponsor Air Cadet Bands.

To the Community

the SSC will undertake to:

  • Interpret the aims of the Air Cadet training, particularly to parents, civic authorities, community organizations, etc;

  • Publicize the activities of the Squadron through press, radio and television, and through special activities;

  • Assist Squadron Officers in devising and carrying out Squadron projects that will be of benefit to the community; i.e., environmental clean-up campaigns, blood donor clinics, ushering at community events, etc.

To the Canadian Forces

the function of the SSC is to:

  • Work with the appropriate DND authorities in obtaining the services of properly qualified Officers and Instructors for the Squadron;

  • Assist in the recruitment of new Air Cadets;

  • Together with the Commanding Officer we suggest suitable aviation medical examiners for Pilot Scholarship candidates;

  • Assist the Commanding officer in every way possible to ensure proper custody and care of equipment on loan to the unit from DND.

To the Air Cadet League

as a component of the ACL, the SSC is expected to:

  • Maintain a committee or group of adequate strength to support the Squadron;

  • Delegate responsibilities to Members of the Committee, such as finance, publicity, enrollments, accommodation, liaison with other Air Cadet Squadrons, etc;

  • Ensure that important announcements emanating from League Headquarters or the Provincial Committee are made known to Squadron personnel and to the Air Cadets;

  • Provide required documentation to the provincial and national levels in a timely manner;

  • Provide financial support as agreed to the Provincial Committee.

Note to New SSC Members: If asked to fill out the Volunteer Form, download from the Attachments below, and enter "Teaching or supervising, at the request of the CO, and working under the supervision of the CO or designate" in the Description field.

Some squadron documents may be password protected (pp). Use striker

SSC members please remember to have your badges on you, and visible, when participating in Cadet functions.

Screening Policy



Our primary responsibility is to ensure that cadets are provided a safe environment in which to enjoy and benefit from the cadet programme. An essential component of achieving this is the proper screening of personnel. Recently, it has been noted during visits to CC/Sqns that some units are not ensuring compliance with the requirement for Civilian Instructors and Volunteers to wear/display their PRC/VSS screening card while participating in cadet functions. CC/Sqn CO’s are to take action immediate action to ensure civilian staff possess and display their PRC/VSS screening card while participating in cadet activities. Shortfalls are to be address to the applicable elemental league in the case of CV’s and to the Det CClk for CI’s.

All SSC members and CVs must complete the Positive Youth Development and Program Outreach education at