Parents, Friends & Supporters of 3 Striker Squadron

#3 Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is an official registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). As such, if you or someone you know wishes to make a monetary donation we can issue a tax receipt (for $25 and up). In addition, if you regularly donate through your work place each pay, you may wish to direct your contributions in whole, or in part, to our charity.

We know from experience that some parents, guardians and friends can sometimes tap into companies, work place, clubs and associations for items that the squadron needs. This could be donations (money, Canadian Tire money, goods, or products to be used or raffled), the use of facilities for squadron activities, and other “goodies”. If you can help the squadron then please speak to the Sponsoring Committee or the Commanding Officer.

Please support 3 Striker Air Cadets by donating to our Sponsoring Committee. 100% of ALL donations support #3 Squadron. We are a registered Canadian Charity, under the name "#3 STRIKER AIR CADET SQUADRON SPONSORING COMMITTEE". BN/Registration Number: 130387665RR0075. Since 26 Nov. 2004.

To view the CRA Charities Returns for #3 Sqn SSC click here and select T3010 Return.

To mail a donation cheque to our squadron, visit the Contact Us page for our address. If you have a question then use the form on that page to contact us.