The success of the Air Cadet movement across Canada is due in no small part to the many hours of work donated by hundreds of volunteers. Parents can serve as volunteers, including driving cadets to and from weekly training, band, drill, range, ground school, tagging, summer school departure points and other functions. Parents can become Civilian Instructors (CIs) or one can join as CIC Officer (see below). Many parents of active and former cadets are also volunteers with the Squadron's Sponsoring Committee and support the squadron in fundraising events. 3 Striker Squadron is very fortunate and appreciative of the help any volunteers provide.

Without members and volunteers many activities in a Squadron would not take place. Members and Volunteers give their time in a variety of ways, for example: running the canteen, driving Cadets to and from events, publishing a newsletter, coordinating a mess dinner, helping with special events, assisting with summer course selections and promotion interviews, coordinating the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards program, being a band instructor, a Webmaster, Facebook admin, a photographer or a media relations representative for the Squadron and so on. They want the Squadron to be successful and to be part of making that happen.


The Air Cadet League of Canada welcomes a large number of volunteers at the Squadron level and in the Air Cadet Program as a whole. The Air Cadet League of Canada and its partner, the Department of National Defence (DND), jointly support the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. The Air Cadet program is a comprehensive program, which is run in a structured, disciplined and safe manner. In this context, it is important to ensure all volunteers are appropriately selected, initially supervised, well- intended, offer skills which add value and complement the program, and are good role models for Air Cadets. Knowing the volunteers, their skills and talents, and their intended contribution is very important to the Squadron Officers, staff and Sponsoring Committee. A team effort produces the best results for the greater benefit of the Cadet Movement.

The Commanding Officer and his/her supporting staff have command and control of the Cadets and are responsible for supervision of the training program. To fulfill its responsibilities to the Cadets, DND is required to conform to rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada that defined the level of care required by any organization in protecting youth under its direction. This level of care has been defined as that which would be exercised by a prudent parent in protecting their child. As a full, active partner in this aspect of the Air Cadet Program, it is also reasonable that we should also insure that our registration and screening protocols meet the same standard required by our military partners. The military will be responsible for screening the volunteers of the Canadian Forces, both Regular and Reserve as well as contracted Civilian Instructors.

As a volunteer certain information is required. You are asked to complete the Volunteer Registration package. An interview with a League representative will be required after receipt of the completed form and a Police Records Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening (PRC/VSS). For positions of trust (such as Treasurer and Fund Raising), a Credit Check may be required. By applying and being approved, the Volunteer undertakes an obligation to report any subsequent change to his/her situation/circumstances that is of a nature to reasonably and usually require a re-evaluation and re-screening (example, a new criminal offence). We thank you for your generous offer of volunteer services and hope you understand the legal and moral obligation in reviewing the suitability of all individuals working or involved with youth.


Still have questions? Come out to a Squadron Training evening and we'll be happy to answer them all.

The bottom line....if you are willing to give of your time to help the youth of your community - come fly with us!

Don't ever question the value of volunteers.

Noah's Ark was built by volunteers;

the Titanic was built by professionals.

Join as a CIC Officer

The Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) consists of specially trained part-time members of the Canadian Forces. CIC officers are responsible for cadet training, supervision, and administration.

CIC officers are important figures in the life of a cadet. Many CIC officers were once cadets themselves, but this is not a prerequisite. To become a CIC officer, a candidate must participate in a series of personal interviews and:

  • Have a high school diploma;
  • Be a Canadian citizen between the ages of 18 and 64 and be of good character;
  • Recommended by the commanding officer, squadron sponsoring committee or provincial league;
  • Meet the medical standards prescribed;
  • Pass a security screening, including an enhanced reliability check, criminal background investigation, and vulnerable sector screening.

Contact the Commanding Officer for details.