Rutherford County ARES Information

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RCARES Meeting 3rd Monday of Month 7p.m. - 8 ish

Where: 200 StoneCrest Boulevard, Smyrna, TN 37167, USA (map)

Conference Room to the right off Main Lobby Everyone Welcome.

Our Primary Frequencies     Nets: 7:30 p.m. Tuesday Nights

Repeater 145.230 neg offset, tone 114.8

N2CYX Repeater 146.610 negative offset, tone 156.7

Simplex: 146.475 no tone, no offset     Simplex Nets: 7:30 p.m. First Tuesday of Month 146.475.

K4PEW Mount Juliet Simplex Net

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K4PEW (Paul) founder of the Mount Juliet Simplex is fondly know as "Baby Bob The Tennessee Cat Wrangler" is live streaming the net for the purpose of letting participating stations hear how their signal sounds on his end. This is a very useful tool for anyone who has ever wondered how they may sound to other stations out there. Thanks Paul for what you are doing.

Click Here > Tennessee Senate Bill Vote #1588 Passed April 24, 2018 Amateur Radio Emergency License Plates Related

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I'm not sure exactly what all has been done here. According to the video it suggest that it enables all FCC licensed HAMS to be able to purchase an Emergency tag for their vehicle, waiving the specialized fee. As I understood it was already Federal Law all you needed was an active FCC issued Amateur Radio License. The local County Clerk had some additional hoops that had to be jumped through to be eligible for waiver of the specialized fee. I was required to have FCC License, ARES identification, ARRL membership id for the fee waiver. I'd gladly pay the extra $20 not to have to go thru that hassle. I didn't have all documentation as I was sure all I needed was my FCC issued Ham Radio License. So it took lots of time and another trip to renew my registration. It appears now that specialized tags with your call are no longer available in Tennessee.

Tennessee Senate Bill Vote #1588 Passed April 24, 2018

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Some links to my research below:

Tennessee General Assembly

Fiscal Summary

Decrease State Revenue - $28,500/Highway Fund $1,500/General Fund

Bill Summary <click here for info>

This bill makes any person licensed as an amateur radio operator eligible to purchase an amateur radio special license plate, rather than allowing only certain persons to purchase such plates.

Under present law, an owner or lessee of a motor vehicle who is a resident of this state and who holds an official amateur radio station license issued by the federal communications commission may apply to the department of revenue, through the county clerk, for issuance of an amateur radio license plate. The issuance of such special purpose license plate is made upon payment of the regular registration fee for plates, and the required additional $25.00 fee for such special plate, if applicable. To be eligible for the plate without paying the additional $25.00 fee, the registrant must furnish proof to the commissioner of revenue, through the county clerk, that the registrant:

(1) Is a member of a squad or group that actively participates in needed services during any and all emergencies, as determined by the civil defense, rescue squads or other organizations that are engaged in volunteer emergency services; or
(2) Is a member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) or has credentials approved by the county emergency management director.

This bill deletes the requirements in (2) above, and specifies instead that for a registrant to be eligible for an amateur radio license plate without paying the additional $25.00 fee, the registrant must provide proof of:

(1) Credentials approved by the county emergency management director; or
(2) A class license as an amateur radio operator issued by the federal communications commission.


AMENDMENT #2 specifies that the department of economic and community development will administer the qualified work-based learning student grant program and removes the provisions for a program operator.

FiscalNote for SB1588/HB1558 filed under SB1588 PDF

SB 1588 - HB 1558
February 11, 2018
SUMMARY OF BILL: Authorizes an amateur radio motor vehicle license registrant
that holds an amateur radio operator class license issued by the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) to purchase an amateur radio special license plate without the imposition of
the additional annual fee of $25.
Decrease State Revenue - $28,500/Highway Fund
$1,500/General Fund
 Pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-4-203(a)(4)(A), persons applying for an amateur
radio motor vehicle license are required to pay an annual fee of $25 in addition to all
other regular fees, unless such persons meet the qualifications established in Tenn. Code
Ann. § 55-4-229(e).
 Tennessee Code Annotated § 55-4-229(e) establishes that the following persons are
exempt from paying the additional $25 fee: members of the Amateur Radio Emergency
Service (ARES); registrants with credentials approved by the county emergency
management director; and members of a squad or group that actively participates in
needed services during any and all emergencies as determined by the civil defense,
rescue squads or other organizations that are engaged in volunteer emergency services.
 This legislation would exempt the $25 fee from all individuals holding a class license as
an amateur radio operator by the FCC, rather than just those that are members of the
 The DOR reports that at least 3,878 motor vehicles are currently registered with an
amateur radio license specialty plate, of which approximately 1,200 individuals pay the
additional $25 fee each year.
 It is assumed that all 1,200 of such individuals will become exempt from paying the fee
upon passage of this legislation.
 The recurring decrease in state revenue is estimated to be $30,000 (1,200 x $25).
 Approximately 95 percent of motor vehicle registration fees is allocated to the Highway
Fund; the remaining 5 percent is allocated to the General Fund.
SB 1588 - HB 1558 The recurring decrease in revenue to the Highway Fund is estimated to be $28,500
($30,000 x 95%); the recurring decrease in revenue to the General Fund is estimated to
be $1,500 ($30,000 x 5%).
The information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Krista M. Lee, Executive Director

Daggerrose Homeless Hams

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Now that I have your attention! Play all and sit back and enjoy. "Don't Forget Where You Came From"
73 ki4ndn

Daggerrose "Don't Forget Where You Came From"

Make Simplex Great Again K4PEW

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K4pew (Paul) founder of Mount Juliet Simplex Net in middle Tennessee had the "Make Simplex Great Again" opportunity to be a guest on Twit Tv as a guest of K9EID Bob Heil. Ham Nation Episode #343
Tune in around the 56 minute portion of the podcast for K4PEW and K9EID, or better yet get your coffee and kick back and enjoy the entire episode.
Great Job Paul, and a big ole Southern Yee Haw to Bob and the Group for featuring the Mount Juliet Simplextons founder on Ham Nation.

Mar 21st 2018

Ham Nation 343

Meet The Simplexton

Bob Heil interviews Paul Wieloszynski K4PEW from the Mount Juliet Simplex Society.
Records live every Wednesday at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific / 01:00 (Thu) UTC.

"Evil Repeater Councils"

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Ran across a very good article about Repeater Coordination Groups.
Info can be found
@   seems site went away, you can view article below.

Did You Say Interference ? I Can't Hear You. Say Again

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What is that hum? Not all interference is intentional, however there are many forms of intentional interference. This video below lets us know that this is nothing new at all. Just recently I installed 2 4' led lights that replaced the normal florescent tubes. The ballast was removed and wired direct to 120v ac. I like the instant light source and the cost efficiency, however it is a rf menace on the am band for sure. In the same room I have a am radio tuned on 650 am the famous WSM Radio in Nashville Tennessee. When I flip on the led lights the am radio signal is full of hash and could not be tolerated very long at all. Flip the led's off and the radio does 90% better. So after having bought some very good quality led lights for each room of my home I began to install. Keep in mind this was before I made the am radio discovery. I began putting up the lights, as I progressed I noticed new interference in my am radios. I flip light on and there it is again. Flip it off and noise level dropped at least 90%. So I got the packaging out and of course the small print plainly says.
" This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications."
That over the horizon hum, what is that? Could it be? There are unlimited sources of radio interference in today's world. Something as simple as loose connections on the ground wire of the electrical pole, via the staples on the pole.
Enjoy this wealth of information below.

Empire Of Noise

Puppet On A String

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Quite Humorous and you see it all the time.
"It's hard to push a rope." But easy on a string.

Puppet On A String

Ham Radio (Down South) Playlist KI4NDN

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This playlist is a Shout Out to Real Hams, the kind that Live & Let Live. The kind that Elmer new members and not Ostracize them. The ones that allow you to make mistakes and learn. The ones that don't try to control your every move in Ham Radio. A few of these videos in this list is really intended to alert the Narcissistic Radio Club members that we really just don't have much time for their BS. Every club has them.
You try to figure out whats what or who's who?

You've Been Thunderstruck
Turn it up and press link below
Ham Radio Down South Ki4ndn  Thunder Struck Dueling Banjos The Sound Of Silence - Disturbed [US
Military Video] Better World "Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw" I'm A White Boy Big Bad Don "little old man its a great day to whoop
somebodys @ss" The Night Our Paw Got Hung in that Electric
Fence Bluegrass The Outlaws Prayer The Stanley Brothers, Rank Stranger Old Violin The Ride Simple Man Hurt Fire And Rain Foghorn Leghorn Wisdom Fire Away Rockstar Knocking On Heavens Door I Drink Alone Gear Jammer Wooly Bully Vietnam Background Freedom Against Tyranny I Sang Dixie A thousand miles from nowhere Rank Strangers Ring That Bell Abby Iron Horse Puddles Pity Party Hallelujah - Pentatonix HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN The Last Cowboy Song Jamey Johnson - Rebel Soldier Jamey Johnson - Mental Revenge Turn The Page Cat's In The Cradle A Boy Named Sue That's My Job sawyer brown the walk I don't call him daddy He Didn't Have To Be Don't Laugh At Me This Ain't Nothin You're Gonna Miss This Believe If You Get There Before I Do. whiskey lullaby Tennessee Whiskey Only God Knows Why Behind Blue Eyes Old Man See Right Through

"Some Things Matter. some things don't"

The Ultimate Fox Hunt by KI4NDN

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Food For Thought
Safety Fox

On April 30, 2015 there was a balloon launch by fellow Ham KI4NHK. With very little info, I began to see if I could track or even locate the balloon launch on aprs. The info is @

The following year on April 23, 2016 KI4NHK launched another balloon. This time there was aprs beacon malfunction and the payload was lost. Launch April 26 2016
Having done a pre-launch prediction, there was a general idea of where the payload would land. The previous year when I had run a pre-flight prediction, it missed 13 miles. This time around it missed approximately 8 miles. I had a little more input information this go round. After about four days of searching it was finally discovered, KI4NHK, K4MCD and myself and others participated in the hunt. KI4NHK ultimately found the payload. It was up 40-50' in a tree. We tried with dusk fast approaching to retrieve the load. No luck. KI4NHK arranged for the payload to be retrieved by a climber with gear and experience.

Several balloons were launched this year leading up to the Eclipse event on 08/21/2017.  As I was tracking via aprs and hf/vhf/uhf it was at times confusing as I watched three or more balloons at once. The aprs signals were intermittent on one or more of the balloons. One of the last beacons on aprs was @

2017-08-19 12:56:09
7 MPH 86° alt 4689 ft

You would think this would be easy to locate, right? Wrong. Even with aprs tracking, the terrain, heat, access, property owners, dogs, snakes, horses, cows, spiders, sweat, the list goes on. ad-infinitum. It's a great challenge to locate and retrieve a balloon and it's payload, however there are lots of lesson you learn every time out. So here goes.

1. Safety Safety Safety
2. Is it worth it?
3. Liability
4. Trespass Laws
5. Wrong end of the GUN
6. Poisonous Critters
7. Crevasses/holes
8. Daylight
9. Where am I, exactly?
10. How long will it take for help to arrive if something happens?
11. I have a radio and a net control station, but what if battery fails, no signal, rainstorm pops up, I trip on log and sprain my ankle and cannot get to my radio. There is no phone signal here. I'm down in extreme pain and at least 3/4 miles deep into the woods. I'm bleeding pretty badly.
Okay you get the idea. Right

Now another scenario. There are 4 of you circling around in the wide open field, the Johnson grass is head high and above. No luck looks like it may be over there and we all head off to the woods where there is a drop off by the river. It's extremely hot. We are in contact with Net Control, they know the general vicinity of our hunt. All hunters are off on their own hurriedly trying to be the finder of the GREAT Prize. Payload discovered.
Payload up in a tree about 30', Somebody very quickly grabs tree and begins to climb. Just about the time she reached out to grab payload she was stung in the neck by a couple yellow jackets. As she reacted the half rotten limb she was standing on gave way. Down she went being mangled by each limb on the way down. Oh but she managed to hang on to the payload.

So Guys and Gals the message here is Use Your Hat Rack. Is it worth it? There's lots of ways to do things, and there are consequences to the steps that we take. Who is responsible for YOU? No not Net Control. You are responsible for YOU.

Think Think Think

So you got the balloon, how much did it cost you? So Net Control is sitting back in the comfort of a nice air conditioned shack looking at an aprs screen sipping a cool drink and you are in the woods dealing with everything from a loaded shotgun with an angry land owner to rattlesnakes in search of water, chiggers, ticks, spiders, caves, sinkholes, other hams racing to find the PRIZE.
The responsibility falls on the individual ham or hunter.
Be careful and move slowly. Now that's what could happen. But then again everything may work out perfectly and the payload makes it back home to its launcher and everyone lives Happily Thereafter.

Here is some compiled screenshots of aprs tracking/multitasking.  PDF File APRS Screenshots by:ki4ndn

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