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04/28/2019 Ann Arbor Earth Day

We're learning interesting tidbits from Gelman Science's early days from its former employees, like how the company passed out car wash coupons when the wind changed direction and blew the dioxane-laden sprinkler water over its parking lot. 
Click here if you have a personal story like that to share (confidentially).

Gelman Site in Urbanized Area

The Gelman/Pall/Danaher site is unique in the amount of dioxane in the groundwater moving in several directions within an increasingly urbanized area with so many homeowner wells as their sole source of water... links to map images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1M689llDtD2pSunV7CjHlcMjh-7S9Ijzd?usp=sharing

Proposed 4th Consent Judgment Settlement & Responses
Documentation & Events) 8/31/2020 ... continuing
Rejected by Washtenaw County, Scio Township & City of Ann Arbor

One (of several) Unacceptable Conditions of Proposed 4th CJ Settlement: 500 ppb termination criteria:

1992 vs 2020 dioxame plumes + proposed 500 ppb termination


more at 

(Not including recent, unreported shallow dioxane sampling by Gelman.)
1 meter height represents 1 ppb of dioxane






Well Location discrepancies among available databases 
(some databases have locations not on or names different than other databases)

Well Screen Elevations (how deep is the pollution?)