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Our mission is to protect and preserve the groundwater in Scio Township.


CARD (Coalition for Action on Remediation of Dioxane)

Official local government/citizen stakeholder group formed in 2006 by local governments and citizen stakeholders to better jointly understand and address Gelman dioxane site issues.

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EGLE (DEQ) Gelman Website

--EGLE docs list archive --new version copied by SRSW

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USEPA Gelman website -- FAQs page

-- Superfund Cleanup Process and Community Guide

City of Ann Arbor 1,4-dioxane fact sheet​ and FAQs

-- [more]

Ann Arbor City Council Members

Washtenaw County Dioxane website

-- County's Gelman plume map

-- Washtenaw County Public Health Factsheet on 1,4-Dioxane

Scio Township website

--Gelman dioxane cleanup

Ann Arbor Township website

Huron River Watershed Council - dioxane

--WEMU Green Room radio shows about dioxane

U-M SEAS/Gala Briefing on Dioxane Plume

Contact Your State Legislators

Contact Michigan Governor and other departments

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Pall/Gelman 1,4-dioxane contamination site


SRSW & CARD are still waiting for the full sampling data to be shared

It may be several weeks before the data is included in the state's Gelman database.

Tweets by SRSWorg1
~ "play-by-play" coverage of dioxane-related issues since 2016
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New/updated Tableau Public vizs of Gelman/Pall/Danaher groundwater contamination site dioxane data thru 2021

Scio Township - Town Hall - Gelman Dioxane Well Testing

7:00 pm, Thursday, February 17, 2022 via Zoom and at the Scio Township Hall, 827 North Zeeb Road

Links: Meeting Notice/Zoom info, Township Letter-Fact Sheet - Map, Mlive article, VIDEO of Meeting (official video)

Scio Sampling-sets 1-2

4 More Dioxane Hits on Scio Wells (set 2 - Nov) 12/15/2021

Scio Township's November sampling (set 2) found dioxane 0.25-1.0 ppb in 4 of 15 homeowner wells tested using the latest EPA 522 method as shown in slides above.
(click upper right corner to zoom in)

2 New Dioxane Hits on Scio Wells (set 1 - Sept-Oct)

Scio Township's own recent sampling [updated] revealed found dioxane just below 1 ppb (0.8 ppb) in a couple of residential wells by using the newer EPA 522 method. One of these wells is ~3/4 mile north of Gelman's 2021 7.2 ppb northern plume boundary and ~2/3 mile north of Gelman's northernmost monitoring well with detectable dioxane. Both new hits are beyond the 1000 feet range from previous hits where EGLE/WCHD periodically samples homeowner wells for dioxane.

Sampling for dioxane at less than 1 ppb gives us a heads-up on where the dioxane problems are to better address them.

Additional sampling is planned to guide cleanup efforts.

Gelman Site in Urbanized Area

The Gelman/Pall/Danaher site is unique in the amount of dioxane in the groundwater moving in several directions within an increasingly urbanized area with so many homeowner wells as their sole source of water


Gelman Data - interactive on Tableau Public (updated 6/30/2022 with data thru 2021)

Timelapse video of dioxane readings for all years 1986-2020

(Not including recent, unreported shallow dioxane sampling by Gelman.)

1 meter height represents 1 ppb of dioxane