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Online Contest

The OLC, Online Contest, is an informal and friendly internet competition where glider pilots upload their GPS data files and are automatically scored based on factors such as distance and achieved speed.
More than 10,000 pilots worldwide participate in the OLC and the numbers are growing every year. The OLC is an excellent chance for pilots to improve their skills. By analyzing and comparing flight statistics on OLC, or by downloading the flights logs for a more detailed PC analysis, pilots can see the specifics of why another pilot was able to fly further and faster - a great learning tool.
Example OLC Flight
This example flight of 860 kilometers was accomplished by one of SCOH's active cross country and competition pilots.

SCOH Member OLC Flights

SCOH specific Online Contest list:
2013 (ended Oct 2012)
2014 (began Oct 2013)
2015 (began 23 Sep 2014)
There are many ways to see the details of the above individual flights as well as watch the flights unfold in various file viewers. More Information...

Annual SCOH Cross-Country OLC Contest
SCOH sponsors an annual contest based on each pilot’s six best OLC flights for the year. All you have to do to participate is to upload your flights to OLC. For scoring details and a history of winners, see MORE...

Click HERE for the rules for the more than 10 types of competitions that OLC has created to foster friendly competition in specific groups or regions around the world.

Maximize Your OLC Points
One of our SCOH club members has studied the rules closely and has assembled some ADVICE that you should read to help maximize your OLC scoring.