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Cross Country

Cross country flying is a captivating experience because it draws from so many different aspects of our skills and emotions. A typical flight depends on our understanding of the art and the science of soaring techniques while at the same time delights us at the site of joining a thermal with a red-tailed hawk.

A single flight is a constant stream of small decisions that rely on the efficiency of our piloting skills along with the calculations of our inner engineer.

SCOH members enjoy the great soaring conditions in our area on a nearly year round basis. We fly flights lasting for hours that range from the area near the gliderport to more than 500 miles to the north, south and west. Some of our pilots make cross country flights that nearly encompass Houston, Waco, Austin and San Antonio and back to Houston by the end of the day.

Types of Lift
Gliders are able to make cross country flights by utilizing different types of lift. In Texas, most cross country flights are accomplished using thermals. Others types of lift include...  More..
Top 20 US Soaring Sites
Looking for cross-country soaring sites to visit on vacation? Places to retire with top-notch soaring? The analysis here was based on three years of US OLC (Online Contest) flight data covering 270+ sites, more than 40,000 flights, and in excess of 5 million miles flown. More...

Computers in the Cockpit
GPS and related technology aids the decisions we make and has changed the way we prove that we completed a course. More..

Milestones in Cross Country
The Soaring Society America(SSA) ABC Training Program was developed to have a standard of training for building glider cross country skills. It is designed to provide a basic approach to building cross country flying skills for the student glider pilot as well as to give the accomplished power pilot the knowledge and skills unique to soaring so that the transition may be made safely. More..
Weather plays a critical role in the safety and success of every soaring flight. More..
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Locally Modified Special Use Airspace. 
Click Here to download the SUA file. This SUA file includes the new airspace at Houston Executive Airport (TME) that went into effect on 1 Oct 2014. More Info on the TME airspace.
Glider racing is cross country soaring where the fastest around a course wins. More..