Region 10 Contest at SCOH

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Glider Racing is cross country flying in the form of a competition. The challenge is to go around a course defined by a set of turnpoints as fast as you can. A flight recorder is used to record GPS traces and allows full 3D flight replays and analysis. In competitions the trace from this recorder is used to calculate the winner.

Tasks can be of any size and are set to the capabilities of the pilot and glider.

SCOH Members Accomplishments

Many SCOH members have made outstanding flights that have counted as state, national and world records. Some have competed in national and international competitions. More..

Local Competition

Houston Soaring CupThe Houston Soaring Cup is a speed contest based on a 213 km triangle defined by the two Houston glider clubs and one turnpoint to the west of both clubs. A trophy is awarded to a member of either club for the fastest speeds around this triangle.  


Rules & Results

Grand Prix

In a gliding Grand Prix the gliders race in competition close together around a pre-set task. More...

More Information

The Soaring Society of American has a section of their website devoted to glider racing. More..

Contest Dates and Results

Contest Rules

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