演出以外,熊氏亦有為網站 Gooclass (medium.com/gooclass),樂人谷(www.musicvalley.com.hk)及音樂雜誌Vantagewww.vantagemusic.org/magazine)寫專欄,亦曾獲邀請於2018年在香港大學的「樂語融融」講座系列分享對巴哈兩套《平均律》的一些見解


Stephen Hung is primarily a pianist with a keen interest in J. S. Bach’s music and Baroque music in general. He studied with Colin Stone and Daniel-Ben Pienaar at London’s Royal Academy of Music and also had lessons on the harpsichord and the organ there. During his time at the Royal Academy, he was awarded the Harriet Cohen Bach Prize and multiple academic prizes. Since graduating in 2013, he has transcribed and published a collection of Bach's organ, choral and violin pieces for the piano. Hung performs regularly, both as a soloist and as a member of chamber music groups including the TimeCrafters, the Early Music Society of Hong Kong, and Song is Being. Some notable performances include Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time with the TimeCrafters at the University of Hong Kong’s Art Musuem in May 2019, and a concert at the Musica Antiqua Takamatsu in Japan with Song is Being in February 2019. In addition to building a comprehensive repertoire of Bach’s solo keyboard works, Hung has been exploring other formats of performance, including jukebox concerts and concerts synchronised with animated pictures (collaborating with the visual artist Oychir).

Aside from performing, Hung is a columnist for the website ‘Gooclass’ (medium.com/gooclass) and ‘Music Valley’ (www.musicvalley.com.hk). He has previously written reviews, interviews and articles for the magazines ‘Artplus’ and ‘Vantage’. In 2018, he was invited to give a talk on Bach's two books of Well-Tempered Clavier at the University of Hong Kong's ‘Music in Words’ series.

London Aiga Photography
Photo by London Aiga-Photography