Playmakers Repertory Company

    When I came into Playmakers, let’s just say that things were a hair of a mess. For a start, I walked into two large plastic bins of “unknown” cable and the few cables actually put on the rack ended up tested bad. The first year I was in there I would find 50-100 feet of cable that hadn't been struck from shows the year before and random equipment through the holes in the building. One day I even found a bin of microphones in the building’s electrical maintenance room which is normally locked to PRC staff.

    I have spent the few years at Playmakers organizing, repairing, and creating standardized systems and procedures for the space. I regret not taking before pictures of the two spaces, but to the left are pictures of the after. I’m most proud of having it organized and labeled in a way that allows for fast finding of equipment for the work studies and myself. For better or worse, even a stray electrician who can't find an extension cord or wrench in their inventory. I’m also proud at having awesome work-study students that have caught on to the Audio world fairly quickly.

I've also included the white board display. I've created it as a fun way for people to walk by and leave messages or pictures.

Accomplishments I am most proud of:

  • Repairing 100% of the Cables
  • Labeling 100% of the Cables for Length
  • Paperwork:
    • Inventory
    • Master Sound Manual
    • Paul Green Operator Instructions
    • Kenan Theater Operator Instructions
  • Repairing the Kenan System
  • Repairing the Paul Green System
  • Creating some repeatable Set-ups
  • Constructing a Recording Closet for Voice overs
  • Organizing the Sound/Projections Inventory


White Board Photos