Personal Equipment

One of One of the things I pride myself is my soldering skills. I have found that due to the nature of working in smaller Theaters with little budget for Audio, I've had to buy my own raw cable and snakes and make Audio cables. I've also found that it allows me to make special adapters that are needed on an individual basis. Pictured to the left is part of my personal collection of cables. What I enjoy the most about them is the labeling structure. Although some were already labeled when bought or have pre-colored jackets, most were labeled and numbered using my own system that follows the ROYGBIV method of labeling. I find that even in the dark I can normally figure out which cable is which without to many problems.

My Favorite Snake is one of the 28 channel snakes I soldered that I used Clear Heat-shrink on the tails to show off the foil of the snake. It's pretty while being functional. It's currently the main drive snake for the Musicals at Playmakers.

Personal Cables