Berkshire Theatre Festival

Berkshire Theatre festival is one of the nation's oldest summer theatre festivals located in Massachusetts. When I was there, it had two two spaces, the Main Stage and the Unicorn.

When I arrived, the inventory had not been updated in several years for both the owned and the yearly rented gear. There was also a good deal of maintenance that hadn't been done for several seasons. This became the majority of the first two weeks of work with my interns. In addition, while cleaning up we created a dedicated workspace. This allowed me to work on repairs/paperwork/etc. while remaining on site while the show was running "on call" in case something happened.

I created a paperwork system that my interns could follow to be ahead of schedule for Strike and Load-ins. This was key as change over from the curtain of one show to the start of tech for the next was only 36 hours. I found planning was the key as we would have a change two out of every three weeks.

I was also given the opportunity to do the Sound Design for three shows that season. Something that was rarely offered to a Sound Supervisor in their first season.

Below are part of the Recordings of the Radio Promos I did to advertise the season.

If I didn't believe in you

Last 5 Years - if i didn't believe in you.mp3

Next Ten Minutes

Last 5 Years - next ten minutes.mp3

Summer in Ohio

Last 5 Years - summer in ohio.mp3