Creative Visions

Creative Visions is a high-end event Corporate Rental House that serves many of the high-end events in the area. This includes most of the Gala and Donor events for Nc State, NC State Graduation, and the Republican National Convention when it was in town.

While most of my work with them is assisting in Load-in and Out's, I was also one of the few people trusted for special projects. I was brought in on a regular basis to repair Lighting and Sound Equipment. In addition, I was tasked with using a small room and organizing it in the most efficient way to create a small repair shop. In addition, I worked with one of my good friends to re-organize the warehouse area to make it more efficient to work. One of the big things we did was create designate spots for equipment and Cable Trunks. It made finding equipment in the Warehouse much easier and more efficient.