2013 - The Mountaintop

Sound Designer/ Engineer

The Mountaintop takes places on the night before the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. inside of the hotel room he was staying in the night before he was shot. An Angel comes to Martin Luther and attempts to help him deal with his death. In the End, Martin makes one last wish, to be able to see the results of his efforts.

The main part of the story takes place inside of the hotel room during a rainstorm. The script calls for this storm to be consistent through the entire piece. After talks with the director, we both felt it was more appropriate for our version to have breaks in the weather allowing the two to go on the balcony for a smoke and to help emphasize the ending storm.

The biggest part of the work done was the Angel’s journey forward fifty years into the future (our present). The script calls for a poem to be read with some mysterious music underlying. I knew it could be something a bit more. After some talks, I worked with the Assistant Director Allen Tedder and came up with a pseudo-composition that encompassed tunes from the generation talked about. In addition, layers of sounds from the generation to emphasize the words were added. To this soundscape, projections were layered over and created a very unique multimedia experience that quickly takes the audience from 1968 to the present.

The Mountaintop Slide Show

Director: Raelle Myrick-Hodges

Scenic & Costume Designer: Junghyun Georgia Lee Lighting Designer: Xavier Pierce

The Paul Green Theatre at Playmakers Repertory Company Photos by: Jon Gardner