Love Alone

Sound Designer/ Engineer

*Regional Premier*

Love Alone looks at the real life occurrence of a patient dying on the Operating table through the eyes of both the medical professional and the family survivors. How a doctor must deal with her first patient dying on the operation floor and how a grieving wife and daughter must deal with loss when a routine medical procedure did not go as planned.

With our version of the show, there were two key elements to the overall design that Sound played an key part. First, the show was written to change scenes from one location to another quickly and seamlessly. In our version, the Sound Design was the key design element that moved the audience from one location to another by use of different atmospheres and key sound effects.

Second, one of the main characters in the show was a musician with a rock band. We brought in a Composer to put together several pieces of rock music for the show. I then took the raw tracks, edited them, and mastered them for use within the show.

Director: Vivienne Benesch

Set Designer: Lee Savage Costume Designer: Myrna Colley-Lee Lighting Designer: Cecilia Durbin

Composer: Peter Kendall Media Design: Dominic Abbenante

Paul Green Theatre at Playmakers Repertory Company Photos by: Jon Gardiner