The Ionesco Pair

Sound Designer/ Engineer

The Ionesco pair was the “double feature” of The Bald Soprano and The Lesson by Eugene Ionesco. Both of these pieces play on the absurd.

The Bald Soprano is about... Well…… nothing. The play starts out with a couple having a discussing that does not make logical. During one sequence, the actors spend five minutes uttering random words while running around the theatre. There is also a narrator with subtitles “explaining” the action of the play. Commonly the narration and subtitles do not match the action nor each other. There is also a clock that despite being told what time it is, often does not ring the correct number of times or uses the same bell.

The Lesson starts out with a professor giving a girl a “lesson” so that she can pass a test to get her doctorate. The play plays of of a drama, but turns into this weird horror parody. The professor causes the girl to get headaches, which causes the professor to get mad, and pushes one of the characters to kill the other one.

Pre-Show Music

Ionesco - Pre-Show Music.mp3

Pre-Show Speech

Ionesco - Pre-Show Announcement.mp3

Ring Cycle

Ionesco - ring cycle.mp3

She Throws Socks

Ionesco - She throws Socks.mp3

Kill Sequence

Ionesco - Kill Sequence.mp3

Headache Melody

Ionesco - Headache Mellody.mp3

Playwright: Eugene Ionesco Director: Tom Mitchell

Set Designer: Moon Jung Kim Costume Designer: Amy Senffner & Jessica Trier Lighting Designer: Brianna Sue Johnson

Studio Theatre at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Photos by: KCPA Staff