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Recording/ Mastering Engineer - Audio Engineer/ Mixer
    Ellnora: The Guitar Festival is a three-day concert festival held at Krannert every two years that (as the name implies) centers on the Guitar. The festival does not discriminate on the type of music the guitar plays, which makes it that much more interesting. Though the main foyer spaces commonly have Rock and Roll shows, it is common to have kids’ shows in the morning, Jazz in the Lobby, a classical guitar performance in the Great Hall, and a New Age/ Experimental piece outside in the Amphitheatre. So far I have done two festivals, and have enjoyed both of this. This past festival, I was in charge of and the FOH Mixer for the Interval Stage. There is nothing like being behind the board of a good band and watching the audience just feel the groove of the music. If the opportunity arises and I am able to go back for another festival I will in a heartbeat. As part of the process, all of the shows were recorded for archival purposes and to give back to the artists as a thank you (if requested). The segments are a few of the performances that I had the privilege to live mix and do the archive Recording/Mixdown.




Steve Dawson - 1

Steve Dawson - 2

Steve Dawson - 3

Steve Dawson - 4