The Little Prince

Sound Designer/ Engineer

I had been working with Parkland Theatre for a year at this point whenever they needed help and two weeks before they went into tech I got a “panic” call to be the Sound Designer for “The Little Prince”. The Play is based upon the book of the same name and came with a CD of sound effects and music that is required to be used during the show. Unfortunately, the actors did not have the same pacing as the original production's and the CD did not contain any the SFX that were needed for the production. In addition, the CD that had been sent was recorded off of the original tape and not re-done for CD. There was a decent amount of hiss and bleed through in all of the tracks. It was clear that a few of the original tapes were stored tail in instead of tail out.

The sound effects bellow are two of the bigger cue sequences. First, the storm sequence when the airplane crashes into the desert and Second: the end of the show when the Pilot is remembering the prince.

Storm Sequence

Little Prince - Storm Sequence.mp3

End of Show

Little Prince - End of Show.mp3

Director: Jenifer Goran

Set Designer: Tom Korder Costume Designer: N/A Lighting Designer: Tom Korder

Parkland Theatre at Parkland College Photos by: Parkland Staff