Radio Project

This was originally a Project for Sound Design Class. The assignment was to choose a radio script from and record 3-5 minutes of the program and add in Sound Effects and Music. I went a bit further and did the entire program. I instructed the actor playing the “announcer” to do his best 1920’s to 1930’s voice, even though the piece is one from the 1950’s called X-1: Tunnel under the world.

As part of the experimentation process. I decided to use two Fathead Microphones in Blumilen Pair Pattern in the center, one 451 just under with an omnidirectional capsule, and a Senheizer 421 in front of each actor just to the right of each of their faces to cut down plosives. In the end, I enjoyed the warmness of the 421’s and added in some of the Fatheads to give a bit more room sound.

Radio Project - Intro

Radio Project - Intro.mp3

Radio Project - Phone Call

Radio Project - Phone Call.mp3

Radio Project - Into the Tunnel

Radio Project - Into the Tunnel.mp3

Radio Project - Full

Radio Project - Final.mp3