Krannert Repairs/ Organization

At CenterStage I was taught how to properly solder. I also saw ways in which to organize equipment and the advantage of having well organized work spaces. I carried this through to my next job and was part of the reason I was brought into Krannert.

While at Krannert there were a few projects that I feel especially proud of. One of which is creating an organization method in which the equipment at Krannert has a place to be stored in the Sound Lobby, Kitchen, and Vault Areas. While in use, this allowed for the ability to easily figure out if a piece of equipment was in use or not. In addition, I put together a bin system in the Lobby of the Sound office to store a majority of the small items that needed to be easily accessed quickly. To help out with load-ins, I was given the task to re-organize and lablel the Grail, a rolling box that contained enough microphones and cables to supply a small rock band.

In regards to repairs, most of the tasks were the creation and repair of cables, but there were a few projects that I am proud of. First, I organized the repair center to make it easier to find all the tools needed to repair cables quickly. This included the creation of a Speaker Tester Box. Though, part of the function of the box was to make an easy way in which to play Hulu to play in the background while I solder. A few of the things I am most proud of fixing include replacing the connector on a True Pre-Amp (XLR would not release from connector), Replacing the connector on a Yahama OM-1v (supervisor had sent 120v on the ground pin), and replacing the power module on a Sennheiser antenna distro unit (fellow fried, never figured out how). Although these repairs were a bit challenging, especially the Tru Pre-Amp, I was always able to find success.