I found the desire to want to work with audio tape. There's an art and science to it and I wanted to get the fundamentals. Unfortunately, after the death of the head of the department, there was a void in someone being able to teach me how to work with tape. Luckily there was a class in the Music Department that taught how to splice/cut/etc. Tape as part of Electroacoustics class. I thought this was great as it would throw a wedge in two things I was not good at: Tape Recording and Composition. It has been a blast to work with Tape. It has made me appreciate the value of the technology we have with non-destructive editing to a whole new level.

Below are the studies done for the class along with the corresponding paperwork that further describes the piece in form and in composition.

Tape Study 1

Electroacoustics study 1.mp3

Tape Study 2

Electroacoustics study 2.mp3

Project 5 - Discombobulation

Electroacoustics study 5 Deconstructed.mp3

Project 6 - Interview with a Vampire

Electroacoustics study 6 Vampire.mp3