About Me

“A sound designer’s work is often so subtle that it can be difficult to notice it at all, let alone articulate why it’s exceptional. That’s a cruel paradox of sound design: when the work is good, people tend to accept it as a natural part of a production. It’s only when something fails — a microphone shorts out, a speaker whines with feedback — that audiences are guaranteed to notice” ~Mark Blankenship , Making Noise Behind The Scenes“In a craft where the highest goal is not to be noticed, it is going to be strange to get an award for it, in some ways it is just one more thing to worry about in an already neurotic field. Sound has always been the bastard child and, like it or not, now we are sitting at the big table, which puts more responsibility on the sound designer. I hope in the future to see a further attempt to integrate sound with the shows. What I don't want to see is designers throwing in the kitchen sink because there is an award to win now.” ~Brian Ronan, Spring Awakening.

A Little About Myself:

I hate talking about myself, that's why I love being backstage. I don't need the spotlight on me to to do a good job. Though, a simple thank you is always appreciated. Backstage, I'm known as one of the few Sound/Audio Personnel that always has a positive attitude and for keeping calm, cool, and collected when pressure hits. I don't understand the need to panic and yell/scream when something is going wrong or against plan. I find it better to assess the situation in a responsible manner and use that to make the best decision possible with the information given.

I have two cute dogs and I love most things deemed "nerdy." If anyone wants to have a Star Gate SG-1 marathon, I'm in! Though, when hanging out with friends we're normally playing board games (Kickstarter!) or burning things in the fire pit that I built.

“Wait, you’re not just an Designer, but can Engineer and Mix… and enjoy both things?”

Over the years, I have run into several people who look at me like I’m crazy when they realize that I enjoy both the Design and Engineering aspects of the Audio world. Even better, when they realize that I'm just as well versed to do one as the other. Maybe I like the variety, maybe I like the challenge of doing it all, but I love doing each of these jobs. I have found that with Sound Design and Audio Engineering, being flexible has allowed me additional opportunities and has strengthened my abilities in both skills.