Video Game Music

I was working on the design for She Kills Monsters and came up with some preliminary music and sounds for the show. I found an excellent Video Game VST and modified Midi files from various Music of the 90's. This was to give a fresh by familiar sound to the music that was being used.

Below are a few of the experimental pieces that I put together.


She Kills - Continue.mp3


She Kills - Victory.mp3

After the Sunrise

She Kills - After the Sunrise.mp3

Cave Story

She Kills - Cave Story.mp3

Once Upon a Time

She Kills - Once Upon a Time.mp3

Mogg City

She Kills - Moog City.mp3


She Kills - Nostalgia.mp3


She Kills - NoOne.mp3


She Kills - Swamp.mp3

Let the Beat

She Kills - Let the Beat.mp3