Vega Street Machine

Welcome to the 80's

This was built for an online competition where the casting had to be the Hotwheels Custom V8 Vega.

Like much from the 80's, it is not as popular as it used to be, scoring a 7th place out of 11 entries

I built it to represent the cars I grew up with that shaped my interest in modifies cars.... street machines from the 80's

Inspiration came from the time where "Pro Street" was just starting to become the "hot new style", so it still has the older style 5 spoke mags, side pipes and a jacked up rear end, but a new "Pro Street" style paint job and alloy paneling in the engine bay.

So... what's in it???

The hood was cut out and a new engine bay formed from alloy and a Maisto enging dropped in, a new rear axle tube was installed to raise the back, the body was painted yellow, decals applied for the graphics and foil for the chrome trim, headlights and taillights, side pipes from a Maisto Corvette, and it all sits on a new set of sparkling 5 spoke mags with real rubber tires.