This Gasser was my entry for the 1st quarterly competition on the Creepsterz board, casting had to be the Hotwheels Taildragger, one of my favorites.

The Taildragger is based on a classic Gene Winfield custom of a 1941 Ford Business Coupe (which inspired the name of the car... Business Time)

and although I love the classic belly scraping Ol' Skool customs, I had already built a few low Taildraggers,

so I decided to do something a bit different...... a high riding straight axle gasser!

So.... what's in it???....

Taildragger casting, front and rear pans reshaped to stock 1941 Ford shape, side windows reshaped and pillar added

Engine is from a MadFast with exhaust from a Passn' Gasser, extended with polished tubing, scoop is from an Airy 8, but shortened.

Wheels, ladderbars and diff is from a JL Zinger Camaro, and front springs from some accessories what came with a Speed Racer car.

Painted black and white with homemade decals, and foil for the chrome trim and headlights.

It was a tough competition, but when the voted were counted, it won 1st place with 13 votes, closely followed by the 2nd place car with 12 votes and 3rd with 11 votes... doesn't get much closer than that.

The last pics show the gasser with the original car