OverBlown 72 Torino

This was my entry in the 2011 Hobby Talk Kustom Kontest..... it WON.

The competition runs for a month, and I stripped the casting straight away and put it on my desk for inspiration.

Other projects and obligations got in the way, and with only 1 day till the deadline, it was still sitting on my desk in all it zamac nakedness.

That evening, with 16 hours till the deadline (the deadline Australian time was 2PM the next day), I looked at the casting and decided to do SOMETHING with it...

so I found wheels and a big blower, opened up the base to fit the big slicks, cut open the hood for the blower and cleaned up the casting, fitted a cage from a Maisto car to the interior and that was it for that evening.

Next morning, with 4 hours to go, I got into the shed and started priming. 2 hours later I was looking at a candy purple paint job with truefire, that looked absolutely terrible....

only one thing to do, get the sandpaper out and start again, and an hour later with just 1 hour to the deadline,

the Torino was covered in a gold/red metallic nailpolish fade over a black base, and I sprayed the intercoat clear (quickest drying clear I have).

With minutes to go till the deadline, despite the still soft clearcoat, I managed to gently piece together a "dry build" to take pictures.

At the back you can see the huge gap between the base and the body and it had no chrome window trim.. that is how it got it's title "Some Assembly Required".

After the paint had hardened, I applied foil for the window trim and gave it its final 2 pack automotive clearcoat and....... finally...... assembled it.

Thanks for looking.