Extreme Widebody VW Golf

This car was built for the 2011 "Battle of the V-Dubs" competition at Chillis site

It barely made it into the comp due to some paint issues that thad to be corrected at the last minute,

I was not really worried about it making it into the comp, because it is a Golf, and in the VW competitions the Beetles and Kombies are the popular vote pullers,

but it did make it, and ended up getting 2nd place out of 9 entries in the "Wild" category...... I was surprised.

The casting is a HW VW Golf GTI and the wide body part came from a HW Riley & Scott MK III.(both shown in the last picture)

After cutting the middle out of the MKIII, I lined up the wheel openings, and was pleasently surprised to find that the door lines of both casting lined up perfectly.

JB Kwik was used to bond and mould everything together, as well as build up the rear bumper and the front spoiler, all finished off with a little bondo.

Big bore exhaust is polished alloy tubing, which was also used to make axle tubes for the Jada Speedracer wheels.

Paint is glue and green nail polish over a silver base with the popular GTI blackout, and a little blackwash over the mesh at the front

Foil was used for the lights and badges

Thanks for looking